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Pegasus interferon and chronic sore throat


I've had a horrible sore throat now for 11 days and I'm starting to feel very down about it (probably due to lack of sleep rather than the sore throat!). I've seen my GP who thinks it's just a virus which should resolve in 7 days (I saw him on day 9). Could this be related to taking interferon for PV? Has anyone else suffered? Perhaps I should be talking to my haematologist? Any advice much appreciated :) x

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Sounds unpleasant for you.

I’ve been on Pegasys for ET for nearly 3 years now and haven’t experienced or heard of anything similar - if anything I’ve had less colds and ENT problems, possibly down to Interferon’s anti-viral properties.

As interferon suppresses production of all blood cells it’s worth keeping an eye on your overall white cell count and neutrophils in particular, as if those get too low it can make you more prone to infections. Your haem will be able to check and advise on that for you.

Good luck


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Thanks Andy. I'll have to wait it out and stop being so whingey! :)

Hi, I would definitely tell haematologist. I tell mine about anything I get as my GP freely admits he understands nothing about MPNs. Best wishes, Frances.

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Thanks Frances, I think I will x

Hi. If it’s any consolation (which it is unlikely to be) I’ve had a sore throat for the past ten days. Started with burning tongue, mouth and throat and moved on to sore throat and feeling generally grotty and now residual cough and mild snottiness. We were having a short break and I admit to feeling disproportionately down about the whole thing. I’m on Hydroxy so much more likely to get mouth issues than if on Peg but I think this was just a passing bug compounded by seasonal allergies, heat and stress. I do hope you feel better soon.

I think the heat has probably made it seem worse than it is but it is lovely to see the sun! Hope you feel better soon too x

I am on peg but dont have a sore throat. However it does cause flu like symptoms for some so perhaps your sore throat is a side effect.

Nonetheless, i would see an ENT to rule things out.


Just wondering if your sore throat went away or if you discussed with your hematologist?

I’ve been on Pegasys for almost 3 weeks but have this persistent lump in my throat (near my voice box), especially when I swallow 😟

I will also mention it to my hemotologist next week!

Morning, yes it went away eventually but it took well over two weeks. It then came back about two weeks later but not as severe. Been ok since, so haven't mentioned it to my haematologist which is a bit silly of me. In my mind it was related to starting pegasus but could very well have just been a virus. Never had a sore throat like it! It did feel like a lump! I'd be interested to know your haematologist' s thoughts :) Hope your throat gets better soon. It's rubbish feeling grotty x

Thanks for your quick reply! That’s good to hear your sore throat subsided. How awful having it for so long though! I will keep you posted with what my hemotologist or specialist nurse thinks about it.

I saw in another thread that you started Pegasys with plans to start a family? My husband and I are just starting on the same journey 🤗

Ahhh, it's been a long road for us (and we're still going) but I feel quite positive about interferon as my bloods are finally in the 'normal' zone. Good luck to you, fingers crossed! Xx

That’s wonderful your bloods are in the normal range now, that will definitely have to help you out. All the best to you too!! Xx

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