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I have ET,diagnosed 2008, Hydroxy 2g daily and have a very sore throat that I can't shift. Any advice would be welcome


I have ET and take 2000mg Hydroxy daily. I have had a really sore throat for the past 14 days ( Like swallowing razor blades).

I saw my GP on day 4 and she refused antibiotics as she says it's viral. I was having to take paracetamol and nurophen alternately two hourly for pain relief as it was also affecting my ears. Ten days later there is slight improvement (only needing pain relief 4 to 6 hourly) but still sore and very dry. I inhale and gargle with limited effect. I really would appreciate any suggestions.

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hi val, as you are on hydrox you are immune compromised anyway. unless she took swabs she would not know if it was viral/bacterial and as it hasnt cleared,and is affecting your ears, i would go and ask for throat swabs . if no satisfaction see another gp good luck karteeka

Val_P in reply to karteeka

Thank you karteeka. I will see my gp on Tuesday.

I had a terrible sore throat for weeks earlier this year. Doctor wouldn't give anything, I used honey/lemonade/hot water to sooth it.

Hi, tray to gargle your trout with dissoluble aspirin. Just gargle not to swallow.

Wishing you well

Hi, the last comment about gargling a trout really made me laugh. I know it was unintentional, but thank you Light... Gargling with TCP in warm water also works wonders. Tastes disgusting but it works.


Bet it tastes better than a trout.


Tried gargling with a trout but got a fishbone suck which made my throat even worse lol

Hi guys, just getting over another sore throat/fluey bug and I'm not on meds for my PV apart from asprin and anti histamines. I seem to be falling foul of bugs which I boasted in the past I seemed to be immune to! I find extra vit C helps soothe throat. Teach me to boast - not going to try trout either!!! I have now got this vision!! OH ME, I don't mind catching trout and eating them once they are cooked and not whole!! Best wishes Aime

Go to your health food shop and get some Propolis to suck. In case you did not know ('cos I did not until recently) Propolis is the very special part of the bee honey. These really nice capsules/sweets work wonders and they are anti-bacterial. You will be doing something delicious and good for you too. All the very best, Linds x

I finally got the results of my throat swab yesterday. I have been prescribed antibiotics at last. Almost 4 weeks with a sore throat is just not good enough. Time to change my GP I think.

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