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Hi Gang, just a quick update on the state of my nails. Well good news, after using the CND nail varnish stuff I can honestly say, what a transformation. Before they were a disaster with ends delaminating with one thumb nail breaking off leaving the painful skin exposed which prompted my missive. Anyway thanks to all those who responded to my plea! Job done.


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Thanks for the update, I'm going to order some and try and get my nails looking better!



Sorry for my ignorance but what exactly is this ‘CND nail varnish stuff’?

I went online and saw that CND was a beauty brand (not a political campaign 🙂) but are you talking about a particular treatment or a nail polish?

I don’t really do coloured nail polish (still within spitting distance of the manicurist when it chips / smudges!). But definitely in the queue for some kind of treatment product. Thanks.

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Hi I like to know more about this CND stuff??

wishing you well.


Very timely advice! I think with an increased dose of hydroxy my nails have had enough and I have been looking for something. Seem to be a huge selection -googled CND nail varnish.

Thanks Michael


I had a look on previous posts and it's the CND solar oil nail and cuticle stuff, saw it on Amazon. No colours!


Ah ha! I just typed in ‘CND nail varnish’ and got lots of pretty colours, shellac etc etc! Thanks.

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Thanks for the update about using CND nail varnish. My nails are fairly weak and split easily, I'll give the CND stuff a try.


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