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I am always so fatigued; that's why I kept going to the doctor and why she finally did a CBC and found my PV (JAK2+). My labs are almost all normal after only two Pegasys injections (RBC, H/H are Normal, platelets were 800s and are now 500s). I'm still so fatigued and often lightheaded. My husband doesn't understand that I still feel this way now that my labs are better. Am I crazy? Does the fatigue ever go


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  • Hi

    Magnesium deficiency, cured my in 3 days, med's deplete magnesium.




  • Thanks, Peter. If so many (most? All?) of us experience fatigue why aren't our docs doing something about it?

  • that is a very very good question. they don't believe us because they can't see a reason why we would b?

  • They rely too much on the blood test which is not a good indicator, also check your vitamin d, iron , and iodine levels.

    Keep off Magnesium Oxide, it's rubbish.


  • Lots of good videos on YouTube about Magnesium.


  • How did you know you had a magnesium deffinency? I’m nearly always anaemia. Would love a cure

  • This lady changed my life for the better.



  • B12 deficiency is also common in MPNs. Even with normal or high serum B12 we can be functionally deficient. There are multiple studies that have shown this.

    Fatigue can be so hard to figure out and that’s why I think doctors tend to ignore it. I get b12 shots, take vitamin D and cofactors, am constantly tweaking my thyroid medications and I still struggle with fatigue. It’s extremely frustrating and difficult for others to sympathize when they can’t be inside our bodies and feel what we feel. I rely on caffeine to be functional because I have a 2,7,12, and 15 year old to keep up with.

  • ChelseaF, are you taking Magnesium.


  • Yes. I take Magnesium Glycinate 400 mg x2.

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