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More Pain at Night?

Anybody else suffering pain mostly, or only, at night? Anybody know why Erythromelalgia and/or MPN bone pain can be so much worse at night? I can get through the day, but then most nights, when the pain gets bad, only three 10/325 Hydrocodone will give me any relief. And, I hate taking that much of an opiate so often. It's like it's becoming a way of life. The pain and symptoms are very intense and very real...I can't just call it an addiction to painkillers.

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Hi Jerry, can't explain why the pain is worse at night, sorry. You should ask your GP about being referred to the pain management clinic, they may be able to help you with ways to combat the pain, other than keep taking pain killers, which not only can you become addicted to, but they can cause more pain, as your body becomes tolerant of the dose and you need to increase it more and more for relief. Maz


Yes my bone pain is mostly at night. I thought maybe it was because I was more relaxed at night but who knows. Sometimes I have it all day but not very often. I also have to take pain med at night for relief. Hope it gets better for you. Take care.

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I too, have more bone pain at night. It is mostly in my hips, and I often have trouble sleeping because of it. I recently spoke with my oncologist about this, and she suggested taking Claritin. For unknown reasons, this drug that is sold over the counter for allergies, has been shown to reduce bone pain related to MPNs. My physician is known well around the United States as a leading expert on our forms of cancer, so I purchased Claritin right away. I have not yet tried it, but will not hesitate to take it on my next sleepless night. Wishing you well!


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