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Lyrica (pregabalin), Trepiline

Hi all,

I have ET Jak2+ and am on Pegasys 90 mcg every 3 weeks. Peg is working well, although rather harsh on my liver.

What I would like to know is: anyone taking Lyrica (pregabalin) and/or Trepiline? Any tips, what were your experiences? I was prescribed these drugs by an ENT specialist for nerve pain after removal of a neck tumour/parotidectomy. However, after reading up on side effects I am apprehensive about taking these meds, especially the Lyrica. I would appreciate any advice.


Y from South Africa

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PREGABALIN. HI,. Yes, I was prescribed Pregabalin for anxiety(from a psychiatrist I had never seen!). The first couple of days it helped enormously then I thought I was going out of my mind so stopped taking it. Fortunately my GP now prescribes diazepam - 1-2. 2mg per day or as required. Hope this helps. Mary

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Hi Yvette

I was prescribed Lyrica for pain related to fibromyalgia. I stuck on it for a good year but did give up in the end. At a lower dose it made me air headed , forgetful and rather out of it for most of the time and when they increased the dose it did help with the pain but made me feel sick as well. I do get fatigue and brain fog big time with the ET/fibro but the Lyrica seemed to make the brain fog worse. Saying that, I am only speaking for myself as many others find Lyrica a very effective drug. Perhaps you could give it a try and see how you get on?

All the best

Gill x


Thanks Gill. Will try and pluck up courage to give it a go.

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I take low dose Amitryptilene for nerve pain/damage in my feet caused when I was on hydroxy, it took a couple of weeks to kick in but no side effects and the pain has gone.


Thanks Lizziep. I think I will try the trepiline (Lyrica seems too scary). I was prescribed 10mg to take at night. What is your dose?


2 x 10 mg in the evening. Hope it helps. x

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You say Peg is harsh on our liver, can you please expand why you think Peg and not linked to previous HU or pain killlers.

Sorry for question but I’m on verge of starting Peg.




Hi Paul

My liver function tests (LFTs) were all normal prior to starting Peg. LFTs became elevated on Peg, but did come down (although still higher than normal) now I am on 3 weekly dose instead of weekly. Oncologist not concerned though, we just keep an eye on the readings. I take milk thistle and Essentiale for liver support. Peg works really well for me and I hope it will for you too.


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