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Pins and needles and numb hands and feet

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Hi there. Has anyone with ET else experienced these whilst on inteferon? When my dosage increased to 135mcg a week and then 180mcg I started getting this at night and now all day too. The numb sensation in hands and right foot have been waking me at night. I also started a small dose of levothyroxine at a similar time and am not sure whether I should be concerned or not. Has anyone encountered this and what worked for you to reduce them?

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Numb fingers, burning pain in toes.

Hi, I have had ET for almost 4years. I was diagnosed because I was feeling symptoms of numbness in my finger tips and toes, along with headaches &itching I was concerned and that is when I went for testing and thereafter diagnosed with JAK2/ET. I have only been on 81mg 2per day... no other meds at this point. My platelets are still very high 900-1million.No numbness since on second aspirin.

Best to you, Cindy

Thanks Cindy and Jerry . Good to know I am not alone. All the best.

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