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Hi. As you may know I have PV. This post is on behalf of my sister who has ET.

I don't have issues with itching after baths (I do after showers and gave them up about six years ago - luckily I love my baths 😊).

My sister is having terrible problems with itching after showers or baths. Can anyone help her with what she can do to alleviate it?

Our specialist nurse has put her on Loratadine which is an antihistamine.

She takes this as well as Hydroxycarbomide and aspirin and he has also suggested she use Tea Tree soap but nothing seems to help.

Lesley x

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I found the information on here really useful for managing my itching. From diet through to combining anti histamine effectively. Good luck.


Thanks so much Johoho x


Hi, apart from taking loratadine in the morning and 2 phenegran at night, hydration is def a must plus I find Aveeno (sensitive skin one is best) seems to help. I keep shower water cool rather than hot as heat def irritates.

Hope this helps, every sympathy Aime xx😺😺


Thank you Aime. I will let her know 😊


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