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Hi all, can anyone help me with an issue with vitamins or rather the lack of.

Before I was put on hydroxy, I was taking menopace,a multi vitamin for women, but was told to stop because it interferes with the meds or something.

I am in a catch 22 situation, although I can eat well enough, my taste buds have changed and I fancy nothing. Also I suffer from fatigue and never want to cook. ( though last night I managed to cook a lovely fresh salmon meal. ) Today I have woken up in tears and in pain and am totally exhausted and I'm not even out of bed yet!

I know I need more vits, what am I to do?

Ps. To add insult to injury, I'm getting fatter and fatter despite not eating huge amounts. 😩

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My impression is that Prof Harrison is not a fan of vitamins and supplements (!) - other than where a deficiency has been identified and there is a clinical need to address. The thing with most OTC vitamins / supplements is they go in one end and come out the other! Therapeutic doses tend to be higher / more concentrated. I'm not on hydroxy but low on iron and suffering the all too familiar 'fatigue wall'. Trying to a) drink lots of water b) eat lots of fruit and veg c) cut down on sugar. Have to say it makes me feel better and staying hydrated definitely perks me up.

Do hope you feel on a more even keel soon.


Hi Birdie, I am sorry to hear that you are in pain and feeling fatigued. With regards to vitamins and supplements you do have to be careful because of any possible contra-indications, so always discuss this with your haematologist. It is also very important to have a good balanced diet, and stay well hydrated, and exercise to combat the fatigue, I know that is probably the last thing you want to do when you are so fatigued, but it has been proven by leading experts that exercise does help, you don't have to go to the gym, a walk will be beneficial, you don't have to go far, but moving around does help. Have a look at the information on our website about diet and nutrition, it might give you a few ideas

Best wishes, Maz


Thank you Maz, I do keep my fluids up and do walk my dogs and I even have a excercise bike, but I will take a look at the information on diet and nutrition. ☺


Hi Bridie , i was in same position you are i wanted to take q10 but was adviced not to take supplements , however cod liver oil is okay , also i wanted to take a hair supplement when i first went on HU but heam wasnt keen so ... its not really an option for me ! and i do tend to get episodes of upset tum ,so i guess its just getting my nutrients from fresh foods etc so i completly agree with what Maz posted and the others on here all the best and good luck Holly


Thank you, Holly. All the best to you too ☺

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Hi Bridie, so sorry to hear you are having a rotten time. E hugs come your way - lots of them. I have PV and was advised not to take any supplements without checking as many either contain iron or increase iron absorption which I was told was not compatible with my condition.

I find plenty of fluid and exercise does help but sometimes I just have to give into the fatigue for a few days as nothing else is working. I find pasta, bananas, nuts, cereal bars, carbs such as bread and potatoes all seem to help my energy levels but I do have at least my 5 if not 7 a day with my fruit and veg.

You do need a treat too, so if I'm feeling rubbish I have chocolate- my weakness! Treat yourself to, try and get out and have a chat with a pal.

Kindest regards Aime xx😺😺

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Thank you Aime, a bit of trial and error needed I think 😚


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