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Got my dental surgery appointment

I had my check up with my haemotologist last week and told her that my gums were receeding fast and furiously to the extent that I don't know what's keeping my front teeth in. This was devestating to me as I have always taken care of my gnashers and always had great teeth. I went straight to her as I know being on Warfarin and having an MPN my regular dentist wouldn't touch me. Amazingly I got my appointment through a week later for June 6th so it looks like I will be putting some of my teeth in a glass of water at night soon. If this is the only reason to moan then I consider myself lucky but nobody will be seeing me smile until I have my new plate in, that's for sure.

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Good Luck with the appointment Jill.

Mary x


I think I am going in the same direction: my teeth are good but crooked so I can get a nice even white smile at last... good luck


Hope the dental work goes well. I have 3 temporary crowns in at the moment, having the work finished next week. (the most painful part will be paying!!) My gums bleed a lot, despite various mouth washes etc etc. I do have a horror of losing my teeth. I think because my dad always seemed to have his false teeth in his pocket more than his mouth!! Like you I couldn't bear anyone to see me without teeth so I'm trying to hang on to them as long as possible, although I do think I have more fillings than teeth. I have had some enamel break away, the dentist said it was probably because of the hydroxy weakening it. By the way you don't always have to leave them in a glass all night, my sister in law cleans hers (behind a locked bathroom door) then fixes them back in. She's worried if the house set on fire the firemen would see her without them!!


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