Dental Fillings and Hydroxycarbamide

I've just started on Hydroxy and went to the dentist for a filling. When I told him what I was taking he didn't want to give me a numbing injection as he didn't want to put more chemicals into my body. I was a big brave girl and had the filling done without it. (He'd assured me it wouldn't hurt as he was working on a previously filled tooth - he was correct but I didn't know that in advance!)

What do other dentists do on such occasions? I've seen a post about extractions but no mention of more common or garden teeth treatment.

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  • I need rather more than a filling,my dentist needs to discuss Meds pro and cons ,with my consultant. Sort of makes it all a bit off putting,so I am dragging my heels !

  • Hi ChrisAnnSen, my dentist makes me sign a list Of my medications before doing any work. In the past because my heart starts racing with the stuff they inject you with to numb the area of the tooth that is being filled, so cannot have, so like you I am very brave only hurts when they hit a nerve but soon passes, pleased to say only had to have a couple of old fillings redone. She know all about my ET and is very good.

    Also I had a mole removed on my forehead before Christmas and again they had to use a different type of numbing injection seven in all 😡 Because the usual stuff again would of made my heart race did sting a bit, but better than having a racing heart. Glad to say all was clear. !! But was given some cream to apply to some other red spots that I have, need to use for three weeks, so waiting for better weather so that I do not need to wear make up, can't go without that, standards and all that.

    Anyway sorry I could not help with your other question about extractions, all she has told me is that if at any time I need anything done I might have to have it done at the hospital.

    Jean x

  • Hello - it does seem to depend on particular dentists and what they seem to feel happy about doing - or maybe even how much medical understanding they have about the things we are taking etc. Anyway I have ET diagnosed 10 years and on HU 10 years too - and never had problems at the dentist, always have injection for a filling (fortunately not too often) and she has done an extraction for me too. I just stop aspirin a few days before and after a day for any treatment as recommended by my consultant. Your consultant is best person to check with for your individual situation. If a dentist is wary to treat despite an ok from consultant it may mean good time to find an alternative dentist which I did couple years ago and was very glad I did. All the best.

  • Thanks ladies. As anticipated, lots of common-sense advice. I'm going to be even more diligent with cleaning my teeth as I don't want to have to jump through too many hoops to get things sorted.

  • Hi

    I have hd to have quite a lot of dental treatment over the last 28 years, and no-one has ever been reluctant to use numbing because of the HU. Like Jean I have had an instance of my heart racing and now dentist uses a different injection with no adrenalin in it, doesn't last as long which suits me fine!

    hope you don't need any more treatment but if so a discussion with your haematologist in advance could reassure your dentist.


  • I'm seeing the haematologist in a few weeks so will add dental treatment to my questions list. Thanks.

  • Hello ChrisAnnSen, I have had a few dental problems lately but as my Dentist is also a Doctor he is very careful in taking details of every bit of medication for PV Jak2 pos, Hydroxy is one of the meds I take, and also other probs I have, he checks at every appointment for any changes before he starts treatment, he will always give me injections if I need them without hesitation and I have never experienced any problems.

  • Hi ChrisAnnsen,

    my dentist was happy to use injections , does like my blood in reasonable order to avoid bleeding

    all the bes town crier

  • I'm not sure whether my dentist was just being cautious because he didn't recognise what I am taking. He's a locum (all the dentists in my NHS surgery are locums!) so he could have just been very wary.

  • I have been on Hydroxyurea for 6 years. I have had dental work and my dentist injected numbing solutions (U. S.). He is aware I am taking Hydroxyurea. I never experienced a problem, and he never raised this as an issue. Thanks for bring to my attention. I am going to ask my Oncologist about this. As a side note, I am aware that we are not suppose to receive any live-virus injections (i.e. the Shingles shot) because of E. T.

  • OOps! I had the shingles shot last year - before diagnosis. Never mind, it can't be helped.

  • I've had 2extremely minute shingles attacks( or whatever the expression ) since I was on hydrea - they act as a vaccine I've decided. One was after a strong tick infection and the other when everything was being moved out of my flat to put in a new carpet ( and 4 beautiful grandkids around in school holidays) I was so stressed!!!

  • Hi. My dentist didn't even ask me, I told them everything and it was written on their forms. Didn't cause any issues I will say x

  • Ditto, my NHS dentist didn't have a problem with me being on Hydroxy, i had a tricky tooth which was difficult to fill and went sensitive again, so i ended up having a number of reworks on the same tooth over the course of last year, all with anaesthetic injections.

  • I reckon my dentist didn't know what I was talking about so played safe.

  • I've just had this statement from my haematology nurse:

    "The injection to the tooth is not an issue, it is more that whilst on treatment you will be more susceptible to infection and therefore if you have any invasive dental work we may need to consider the use of oral antibiotics."

    Now all I need to get straight is what is considered to be 'invasive dental work'.

  • Root canal work, lidocaine injections, not a problem.

    The alternative would have been a general anaesthetic.

  • Thanks Borage, The more I think about it the more I've come to the conclusion that my dentist didn't know anything about what I'm taking and he was erring on the cautious. Next time he suggests no injection I will sort him out! :)

  • I am due to have an tooth extraction that my dentist cannot do herself as the root is twisted into the bone and I will need to be under sedation. However, the waiting list at my local hospital is very long - May at the earliest. I have already been waiting since beginning of January.

    Am in a lot of pain and cannot eat properly, feeling very down about it. I was referred because of my blood disease. Yesterday, after a talk with my dentist, I have decided to go privately and am due to see someone this afternoon for a consultation with an oral surgeon.

    I have had a previous fairly straight forward extraction done( after my dentist spoke to the haematologist )with no problems but was not sedated for that.

    I think the problems come when sedation is involved - understandable really.

  • Good luck with your treatment, it sounds horrid but going private should mean there is no pain involved.

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