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For the brain about the body, Happy Easter!

You consume a tenth of a calorie when you lick a stamp; about one in twenty people have an extra rib; we share 70% of our DNA with slugs; the practice of watching people eat, in the hope of being offered some food is called 'GROAKING'; your heaviest organ is your skin; when you blush, your stomach lining also blushes; severed human finger tips can grow back naturally; the world's hairiest man is Yu Zhenhuan from China, his body is 96% covered in long hair; 'Bromidrosis' is the scientific term for sweaty feet; the average human body contains enough iron to make a 3-inch nail; sweat has no natural odour; except for identical twins, everybody has a unique body odour; not all of your taste buds are on your tongue.

Something to ponder about?

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Happy Easter Adlon57 and thanks for the interesting post.

Mary x


I was wondering why I felt sluggish 😂

I have too much iron enough to make a gate !

And where on earth are the rest of our taste buds ?

Love this xx


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