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Beetroot face!

Hi Guys, I had 2 jabs of anaesthetic and 2 of cortisone into my shoulder yesterday and I just wonder if my lovely "beetroot" face, which I get now as a reaction after the jabs is experienced by anyone else. I just wonder if having PV has aided this reaction as I have had a temperature before post jabs but only the last twice had a big beetroot coloured face!!

Kind regards Aime 😺😺

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Hi Aime,

Sorry I can't help, I don't suffer with a beetroot face but I know some do.

What about a cooling face pack straight from the fridge?

Judy xx


Hi Judy, hope you are well. I was trawling the net so the beetroot face is a side affect of the jabs but I just wondered if PV makes it worse.

Yeah, have tried the cool packs which are great until you take them off and it just goes back to beetroot. It looks like I have made a mistake with a sun lamp or I'm drunk but it has given my family something to laugh about!! Kind regards Aime😺😺


I'm good thanks,

I think the PV probably does make it worse. One of the side effects of PV is a ruddy complexion so you've probably got a double whammy! Poor you! I hope the shoulder gets better soon. Is that the last of your operations or do you have any more in the pipeline?

Judy xx


Hi Judy, the shoulder wasn't an op (I had 2 ops on it previously). They reckon because I was using walking sticks post knee op, I've irritated and inflamed the shoulder so hopefully jabs will eradicate that.

Would love to say there will be no more ops but other knee, hips and one ankle winging and having a race to see which one is going to get worst first! The medics haven't got an answer as to why my body dislikes cartilage and is also super good at growing extra bone so I guess I just have to put up with it.

Glad your well. Kind regards Aime xx😺😺


I have the anaesthetic and cortisone injections in my knees, I haven't had the beetroot face yet, although I already have loads of spider veins on my face so it might be hard to tell.

Hope it fades soon.

Lizzie x


Thanks Lizzie, it has faded a bit today with fewer major flare ups so not impersonating a beetroot so much today!!xx Aime 😺😺


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