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ET and PV - holiday insurance


Happy New Year everyone - I have just returned from my visit to the Consultant and when he was filling my blood form out for my next visit he wrote across it ET/PV on Hydroxy. Well that's the first I knew I had PV as well as ET. I ask him did I have both and he said yes. This brings me to my holiday insurance....... I have only ever been declaring ET. How do I now go about this - do I declare both and will it cost me more? Kind regards Indy :)

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Hi Indy, I would declare both, you don't want to find out in the event that you make a claim that it won't be honoured because you didn't declare the PV. With regards to extra cost, I'm afraid I don't know, you will have to speak to your insurance company. Best wishes, Maz.


If thats on your paperwork then yes you need to disclose both, and im guessing it might put it up.

I would go back to your consultant though and ask if its might just be PV. The reason is with ET you obviously have elevated platelet counts, with PV its generally elevated red blood cell count, however its not uncommon with PV to have elevated platelets aswell as red blood cells so could be worth asking if its PV only you have.


They originally said I had ET because of a high platelet could (around 900) but changed their mind as my red is high too so they plumped for PV, both conditions can have traits of both. When I asked the other year about what to declare they said PV even though my P count was still around 900 mark. I suppose if anything did happen and you needed to claim you should go with what the consultant says and has recorded because that's your back in a claim situation


Back up, that's suppose to read lol


Hi all thank you for your feedback.

I am waiting on my named nurse to ring me back as I want to check out exactly before I notify the insurance company. I'm a bit miffed really as I found my Consultant rather flippant about it and at the end of the day the wrong information to an insurer could make or break you if you took seriously ill abroad.

would t be worth insuring but not for pre exisiting conditions it is what I am thinking of doing don't know what peoples thoughts are on this

I would never do that. The cost if something happens could be astronomical depending on where travelling to. Even in Europe i wouldnt rely on the EHIC care.

I dont think its worth the risk personally, but i work in the insurance industry and have seen stories where no travel insurance was in place.


I'm with you on that one Paul. Shelly as tempting as it is I wouldn't take the chance. By the way I spoke to my named nurse and she spoke with my Consultant who confirmed I have both ET and PRV so to be on the safe side we decided I should declare both. Best wishes Indy.

I've just seen this-- so a delayed response. You can't have both MPNs, it's not possible. Did you end up being diagnosed correctly? Hope you're well.

Hi pollyprissypants,

It is possible to have both PV and ET. I have both along with a number of others on the forum. There was quite a long discussion on this point about a year ago.

Best regards


I have both conditions so it is possible

I have both too , after 26 years on Stable platets(years 450-500, sametime 420, now 430 ) 6 years I don't now , and 16 years only on cardia 100 mg aspirin , and before 3 month my hct was 48 and put me on venosection monthly and weakly on interferon becouse I have 60 . I neve read on forum case like my . I was only 34 , and until 42 I don't now nothing . My hem. Ask for my all resolt and faund 1997 platets was 514 , he is did test 3 times in 16 years for jak -2 and was pozetiv , from stres of telling me I have cblood cancer my plates go up on 670 for 2 month, and I sad my self naw i must stop thinking and tray everting saplemente , spirulina, Cllorela vitamin c , vitamin d , juice Aloja , lot every day fruit , olways 3-4 years 2 kiwi, end my job was non stop Woking . My hem. Sad neve so case like my , plates slovly going in rang witaut medicine.I really don't now what help me so meny years, my hem. Sad I em only lucky . Any similar story?

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