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cbc blood counts

Just curious if this isn't too nosey what everyone's RBC,Platelet ,and HGB counts were at the time of and before diagnosis . In 2016 my RBC was at 6.12 but dropped to RBC 6.04 this year in 2017 with no treatment or anything . Same with my Platelet . Dropped from 330 last year to 324 this year again with no treatment The only increase if you'd like to call it was the HGB which only went from 17.2 to 17.3 in a matter of a year .

Thank you

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in 1996 platelets were just over 2000 or 2 million depending on what units , packed cell volume was 51 . Today with hu medication now 300 platelets and PCV 43 to 45 . cant find the other figures

all the best Town crier


Did any of your counts go down without medication or prior to official diagnosis? Both my platelets and RBC did drop and I haven't offically been diagnosed by a hem just the GP saying "mild polycythmia"


Hi JW1995, , interesting point but I honestly don't think you need be concerned as our blood counts do fluctuate and yours seem very tolerable differences . I know my own case is different ballgame because of my Stem Cell Transplant but my counts rise and fall quite dramatically in a fortnight. Platelets a fortnight ago 70 today 37, WBC 5.8 today 1.2. . didn't jot down RBC but they also up and down in Dec changed over fortnight from 3.37 to 3.06.

So as you can see I'm trying to illustrate that tolerances can vary greatly and be quite wide. Counts can also be influenced by precisely how they are arrived at in the path lab.

Of course im not qualified to give you a definitive answer but if you want reassurance or explanation you should ask your Hem or Clinical Nurse about variations. .

Still its a good talking point as it affects probably all of us especially if on meds to control them.

Cheers Chris


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