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Hi All, I have just received my kit for bowel cancer screening to do at home ( lovely birthday gift on turning 60). Just reading advice on things to do before doing tests and it says don't take aspirin for 7 days before doing test as it can make it appear you have hidden blood and so give false positive. Obviously its not advisable to not take the aspirin for 7 days, does anyone have any experience of this? We all get the kits on reaching 60 , has it affected any ones results ? I have ET and am only on aspirin . Any advice would be appreciated.

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  • Hi Jodary, I live in Scotland and we receive the tests from age 50 but they are worthwhile doing as I know friends whose cancer has been caught really early whilst still operable and they made a full recovery.

    I had to come off of aspirin as it was giving me stomach ache so sorry can't advise on that score. Kind regards Aime xx😺😿

  • Hi jodary, I've taken aspirin or clopidogrel for the last 11 years. I've never stopped it before the screening and the results haven't been affected.


  • Hi Jodary, I have never heard of stopping Asprin before doing the test, I have done this test three times now and always comes back normal even though I have diverticulitis, good test to do though and I personnely think the age bracket be brought down to 50 will save so many lives, my own mother had bowel cancer and lived with a colostomy for over twenty odd years as this test was not around in her day.

    But as for stopping the Asprin as I said not heard of it, when I did my last test last year did not see anything about that in the notes so maybe it is new.


  • Hi jodary, , very good question. . My advice would be continue your aspirin and do test. If it comes back normal no problem, , if shows slight abnormality then you can contact them and explain the aspirin situation. Because as you say stopping it for 7 days isn't advisable without checking with your Hem. Chris

  • Hi Jodary - I've been on aspirin for 13 years and did my first screening test this year with no false result despite keeping on taking it. I don't recall any advice of that kind in my pack, so as others have suggested I'd be inclined not to change anything and see how it goes. I think they retest if you get a positive result so you could discuss further then if needed. Andy

  • Hi Jodary, i have been having the bowel test .. i have had 3 and never stopped taking the asprin, to be honest i never considered it would. interfere with my results , good luck regards Holly

  • I've done a few of these and never stopped the aspirin, tests came back ok. I always do them as both my parents had bowel cancer.

    Best wishes

    Lizzie x

  • I've done them while on aspirin and persantin (another anticoagulant) and never affected my results. I'd just do it anyway without stopping aspirin. If anything abnormal comes up then you can tell them about aspirin. As you see, several of us have not stopped the aspirin and had normal results

    Best wishes


  • I have been doing the bowel test for a few years, but I have never stopped taking aspirin and my results have always been clear.

  • Thank you everyone for your replies. I made the mistake of looking on the internet and a site webmd which is where I read about aspirin and even certain foods. It doesnt mention anything in the leaflets. I was interested to see the screening is offered from 50 in Scotland. Thats quite a difference. I always get myself in a state waiting for results, seem to be more anxious nowadays. Happy new year everyone. X


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