Leg rash

Hi again everyone. I don't know why I didn't think to ask on this forum before, but I have been suffering with a rash on my lower shins. The rash in itself isn't much, but It keeps me awake at night as even the bedcovers covering it makes it itch really badly. The rash looks like tiny red pin pricks, slightly raised.

I am a bit concerned as I have been warned by the haematologist that Hydrea can cause leg ulcers and I wonder if this is the start. I don't know what the beginnings of a leg ulcer would look like.

Any advice on something to stop the itching would be wonderful.

Also, would anyone with experience of leg ulcers please let me know if I need to worry about this rash. My Heamatology appointment is not for another two months.

Thanks to all,

Hugs, Marcia.

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  • So to hear you have the itch problems Marcia. Itchy skin does tend to be part of having an MPN and what you describe does sound like how that tends to be - but as with all things it may be good to let your consultant or specialist nurse look or phone them for a bit of advice so it is a trained eye checking especially if you are new on Hydrea. If not and it is the MPN itch there are lots of bits that can be used to assist it again that your consultant can recommend. Certainly keeping cooler, using cotton on bed at night and the usual lots of water can help abit. Do hope you get some relief soon!

  • Hi Helpatlast, Thanks so much for taking the time to reply. I have tried lots of creams and different things. I sleep with my legs outside of the covers because they get really bad when covered. It sounds like such a small thing, but it keeps me awake for hours and that is debilitating. I'm going to try plain old Vaseline as Bordeauxgirl suggests and see if that helps. Thanks again,



  • Hello Marcia,

    I have Polycythemia Rubra Vera, Jak 2 as well as taking Hyroxycarbamide. I also had a horrible rash on my lower shins just as you have indicated. I saw a skin specialist who shrugged his shoulders and admitted he didn't know what the cause was, from then on, I was put through every known anti-biotic, every dermatitis cream, every psoriasis cream that he could come up with to no avail.

    My husband started to trawl through pages of photo's of rashes on the internet and came across a pharma site in NZ who had a picture of MY RASH. Bingo.. we thought, but when we saw the preparation we were told to use we thought Nah can't be that simple. VASALINE.

    Good old fashioned 'Vaseline' rubbed into the rash twice a day . I am now totally clear of this horrendous rash that had me scratching my legs till they bled, I felt I was riding a bike all night long just to alleviate the itch on my legs and feet. What have you got to lose a couple of quid at the most, in fact I bought a medium jar used it for two months and I still have half the jar left over, I think the pharma site said although it doesn't seem like it the skin is very dehydrated and needs this thick ointment to hold in some moisture. You might want to cover up your legs at night with a light bandage but it is well worth the effort. Please try it, at best it will get rid of the rash, at worst you have only lost a couple of pounds, good luck. Bordeauxgirl.

  • Hi Bordeauxgirl, Thanks so much for your informative reply. A rash, how innocuous that sounds eh! If it wasn't for the fact that I can't sleep, it wouldn't be so bad. I have smothered it in Vaseline as we speak and will let you know what happens. Twice a day ok!

    I'm still wondering what the onset of leg ulcers looks like. Any ideas anyone?

    Thanks again for replying, I really do appreciate it.



  • Very good luck it will take a bit of dedication but if it clears up like mine did I will be one happy bunnie for you. Keep at it. Wishing you a very itch free Christmas. June.

  • Thanks June you are a doll.



  • Hi June,

    I hope you had a lovely Christmas and a happy new year to you.

    I can't thank you enough for your advice, and I am starting the new year rash free.

    The Vaseline worked a treat. It took about three weeks but that is nothing and to go to bed and not be itching all night is bliss.

    If anyone else gets the same rash on their shins, I recommend this simply treatment. I just applied the Vaseline every time it started itching throughout the day and night and it eventually disappeared.

    Thanks again June.

    Hugs, Marcia

  • Dear Marcia, I am so very please it has worked for you too, as you say such a simple method that no one believed would work , not even my DOCTOR, bless his silly socks! May I wish you a very Happy New Year of itch free days. Lots of Love June.

  • Thanks so much June and I hope you keep well and happy,



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