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PV and prostate problems

I have been on HU now for 6 months plus daily aspirin...also suffer from high bp and colitis!!

Recently my prostate has started to send me to the loo about 15 times a day an 3 times at night

Got blood taken yesterday for PSA test...very worried about possibility of prostate cancer.

Do any of my male friends have urinary problems?

Best wishes

Richard....i live near Glasgow

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Had similar, was passing blood, went for all the tests, enlarged prostate, pills, job done...


I am PV (8years) on HU and aspirin and of course much water and this end me to the loo about 15 times a day and 5 times at night but I this is the "polachiurie " the urologist tell me is due enlarge prostate and age , I try to care about but I give up and disturb me to the job and very hard to manage so often going to loo. I do PSA but result in range, so in this moment doing nothing.

Catalin ......I live near Brasov


hi cats

thank you for replying, it's good to speak to someone with similar problems...take care and keep in brasov near Barcelona?


Hi brasov is in Romania


Hi Richard

I have had prostate problems before with constantly needing to wee but passing hardly anything, saw the GP and ended up with a camera passed into the bladder to see the prostate, very unpleasant but on the plus side, no cancer and meds settled the prostate down. I still need the loo 3 or 4 times a night depending on what I drink in the evening but you get used to that, I have PV and have had for 12 years now, I was 60 this year but in general the Hydrox has made my life as "normal" as it can be, try not to drink an hour before bed and that helps, good luck with it all!


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hi mick

thanks for that...all the best for the future.


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