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Hi, there. I'm wondering if anyone can tell me anything about bruising when someone has ET? My Daughter is 17 years old and has ET. She has been accidently injured by someone and has been left with a nasty bruise on her ankle and it's still there over two weeks later! Everything says that people with ET have exaggerated bruising but I can't find anything about whether we have to be worried or if we need to get it checked out or whether it's ok to just leave it alone. She takes daily aspirin and nothing else at present . Thanks

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Hi Sue,

It's definitely worth getting it checked by the doctor if you're at all concerned and especially if she has any pain in the injured ankle but the chances are it's just that like many of us the aspirin causes us to bleed more profusely and therefore have bigger bruises when knocked..!

Best wishes


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Thanks Andy :)

If you are in the least bit concerned always pop to your GP or ring your daughter's Haemotologist.

If you are worried about blood clots, you will find the area slightly swollen and warm to the touch - if it is warm go to A&E and they can sort that.

I get bruising frequently and they do take a while to go, unfirtunately taking any blood thinner can cause them. Try gettinf some arnica cream from the chemist to rub on it, it takes the colouring and swelling down.

Karen x

Thank you Karen :)

I just seem to get odd bruises appearing. They just go after a week. But as she has been there foe over 2 weeks I would get it checked out. Marigold

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Thank you x

Asprin (and other meds) cause random bruising Diam - if it occurs frequently try keeping yourself well hydrated and if that doesn't work, speak to your Haemotologist - I hope This helps ☺


Thank you x

Always got bruises, often don't know how I got them. Get them on my lower legs when my dogs wag their tails near me! They take ages to go. 🐕🐾😄

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Thank you x

Hello Sue

Bruising and/or easily bruising is common with ET. I have ET and the slightest knock or bang and I bruise terrible. I was told to draw a circle around any bruise with a pen and if it continues to get worse or bigger, then to get it checked out. It sounds as if you should get your daughter's checked out after two weeks just to be on the safe side.



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Thank you x

In New Zealand platelets are written in the hundreds i.e., normal range 150 to 400. Blood is "thick" after this and the higher it goes the thinner it gets i.e., 1000 your blood will be too thin again. Aspirin also thins the blood and the body bruises easier. Could this be part of the reason?

I also had severe bruising when a dog ran into my leg and the doctor told me impact bruising does not cause blood clots which are specifically associated with circulating blood in veins/arteries etc, they were different. Unsure if this is true.

If in doubt always see a doctor otherwise the anguish is going to make you both sick. Good luck!

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