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PMF and bruising

On Thursday I fell when I was walking back to my car. I landed on my knees and obviously ended up with a lovely bruise on each knee. Over the weekend though the bruising seems to be spreading. I'm not sure if it is just due to the bruising coming out in outlaying areas or not.

I had an appointment with my GP already booked in for Thursday (which was made 2 weeks ago, being the first appointment I could get with them as a non emergency case!) to arrange for a referral letter to Christies but due to the ache and the bruising on my left leg particularly I thought it best to try and get an emergency appointment with my doctor. They have a triage system at my GP surgery and so the doctor rang me back to see if I justified an emergency appointment. I explained everything to him and he said as I have an appointment on Thursday it should be fine to see them then. I don't want to cause a fuss about it but I also don't want to just accept this if it is something I should have checked out, however, I did get the feeling that the GP may have thought I was just trying to get an earlier appointment.

Someone has said I should just go to A&E and arrange to have it checked out just to be on the safe side. Not sure what I should do. Has anyone else had experience of this?

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Yes I fall and bruise easily at the least thing ,on my legs are blue marks even when my little poodles jump up ..I don't worry nowadays ,,I'm so used to it ,

It's part of this rich tapastry of side effects ,,we accept with this illness .. Twinkly xx


i think being on aspirin also encourages bruising - i get it too - if it were me i'd stick to the GP appointment


yes bruising is part of life now.

I can't have osteopathic treatment or a strong massage anymore! you can't always see the bruise but you do bruise internally and it is painful and sore for days.

take care


How did you get on?


Hi Nic - I just kept an eye on my leg, the bruising continued to spread down my leg and ended up in my ankle, when I went to see the GP on Thursday she said it was just gravity pulling the bleed down and that I had had a serious bleed in my muscle which had caused all the bruising. Got lots of lovely colours on my leg now but at least I know I don't have a clot anywhere.


Hi Lesley, I too had a fall last weekend (road sign on the pavement lying face down) just didn't see it in the dark, was leaving a restaurant with my family. I landed very badly on both knees on to the sign, one knee is bruised and the other knee and shin is bruised and cut. Of course I brushed it off because I was so embarrassed. (why do we get like that) However, I haven't felt right all week, although continued to go to work etc. I have felt spaced out and not really with it. Then last night I noticed both my ankles really swelled up like balloons and one started to just bruise before my eyes. Now I have a lovely big bruise in my inner ankle on the side and down the foot. I wonder have you been feeling unwell after your fall too. Just wondered if the trauma doesn't suit our condition. Best Wishes :(


Hi Indy - I didn't really have any problem with not feeling well but had the same with my ankle becoming swollen and bruised over time. My GP had said it was due to gravity pulling the bleed down. She checked it over for lumps and things but said there did not seem to be a clot and I should be okay. Always better to get these things checked out though so if you still feel poorly I would have it checked.


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