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Happy consultant

Hi all , went to see the man this afternoon , he is happy my platelets came down a bit since taking Hydoxy 5 days week , but wants me to take 7 days now for 3 month , although i see him again in 6 weeks , so im well pleased with it all in all ! apart from fact i gained a few pounds , i ha ve been getting the munchies in evenings so was expecting to weigh bit more. which im annoyed with myself about choclate and crisps not good ooh and the odd cake , i know its time of year which doesnt help ... i must restrain a little me thinks dont want to have to go up a size in clothes thank you all on here for your support best wishes Holly x

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Well Holly, that is good news, I take Hydroxy seven days a week one per day and two Sat and Sunday, amazing how quickly my readings went back to normal and my last visit my Haemotologist was really pleased with me, really gives you a new perspective and just how good this drug is.

I also found that I used to get the munchies for things that I did not normally eat like you chocolate and crisps very strange but it has now past and I eat a good balanced diet, and drink plenty of water, so do not feel guilty, just look forward to Christmas and enjoy.

Jean X


Pleased you're pleased! 😄 I found it very difficult to lose weight while on Hydroxycarbamide, now on Anagrelide and finding it even harder!! I go to Slimming World, if I didn't I'd put all the weight I have worked hard to lose back on! Often get the munchies (but that's not entirely new!!) Keep well.

Lizzie x


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