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What causes blood clots for people with a MPN?

I've wondered why some people with MPN's get blood clots and some don't? It seems very puzzling that two people could have exactly the same high platelet count, yet one person goes on the develop a clot and the other person doesn't.

I just wondered if there has been any research done to find out why some people have those problems and some don't.

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Million dollar question. Each person is individual with risk factors made up from a lots of different factors, age, general health levels etc etc.

Why does one person who is super healthy drop dead at 45 from a heart attack but others live unhealthy life styles and live to ripe old ages. So many factors define us....elevated platelets will be just one.


Hello Mark,

I believe that there is a test that a person suffering an MPN can have to see if their blood has a propensity to clot. I am going to ask my haematologist next month when I get to see him. Perhaps if I am lucky enough to have blood that doesn't have a propensity to clot, I may be able to reduce my medication. I am probably jumping the gun, but it might prove interesting.

Hope you stay well.

Kind regards,



Hi Mark. I was told that either my ET or JAK 2 mutation increases my platelets and also makes my blood more "sticky" and the combination is what leads to the blood clots. Not sure if that's correct. Katie


Hi Mark, I have ET and believe the reason they prescribe asprin is that it makes the cell surface less sticky - if that's an appropriate description .


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