Watch those draughts!

I have just my kidney's, blood, prostate checked for a pain in my right hand side, just about where the right kidney's are, I had had a back operation there about twenty years ago, all doom and gloom. I am a bad claustrophobic so have curtains instead of doors, in my bedroom very badly fitting ones, so I am always getting a draught coming through it, I always sleep with my back to the 'door' on a single duvet on a double bed . I then realized while talking to a friend, draughts could affect backs, cold air etc, etc. I was getting a draught which affected EXACTLY on my right hand side. I am now getting a large heavy good fitting curtain! Don't always look on the bad side, sometimes stupid small simple solutions solve seemingly large serious medical complaints?

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  • glad u have it sorted!

  • It's good that you have found a solution to your problem.

  • Good you found a solution

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