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Feeling Hot then Cold


I was diagnosed with Essential Thrombocythemia last October (2015) after a routine blood test at my yearly ob/gyn appointment. She asked me to come in for a second blood test because she noticed my platelets were high. I went in and the 2nd test too was high. 831,000, so she referred me to my local Cancer Center in New Bern. I live in Havelock, NC. I met with my hematologist and he confirmed I have ET. He has checked my blood for CAL-R, but it was negative and I do not have the JAK gene either. The only symptom I may have is I sweat then I get chilly afterwards. I'm 49 and menopausing as well, so I know the hot/cold symptoms are a symptom of ET and me opause but to those who experience this symptom, is there a distinction you can tell me about? I see him this Friday, October 7. Any information you have would be greatly appreciated. And thank you in advance. :-) Pam

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When I was going through the menopause it was more like hot flushes than sweats and I cooled down fairly slowly. With ET it is real soaking wet sweats which very quickly turns to freezing cold. Good luck at your appointment. Karen X


That's how I was diagnosed. Routine health check. I have the calr gene which is positive. This was 2years ago. Been on asprin since and platelets risin to 931.

It's hard to know what is best to do. Drink plenty of water. Don't get stressed and be kind to yourself. Eat healthy and take your time to understand what happens.

I'm 52 and see my haematologist every 4 months. I get good and bad days. I'm alot more chilled out about this now but I do worry sometimes. This forum is helpful. Stay in touch I think alot depends on how your dr treats you and your own thoughts.

Good luck. I'm from the UK so I'm referred to my local hospital. My dr doesn't describe this condition as a cancer yet alot of others do. They wonder why we the patient is confused. Hope this helps. Take care


I have ET and I get really hot sweats, most often at night, sometimes feel light headed with them too, as though I had low blood sugar. They are different to the hot flushes of menopause. (I'm well past that!)

Best wishes


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