Lemons kill cancer cells ??

My friend read an article that baking soda and organic lemon kills off cells in 13 types of cancer, the baking powder must be aluminium free , which my friend bought from Amazon ! I would love to believe this to be true , , even suppose to work better than chemo , umm im just wondering if anyone else as heard of this ,or anything simalar . Think if this was case most cancers would be eradicated ! lovely thought though eh Holly x

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  • If only Holly xx

    Hope you got on ok with the HU today the first time is always a bit scary xx

  • Oh well that's good I only have organic lemons in my gin & tonic !

  • Oh no my friends ,you take it with teaspoon of baking powder and lemon juice ,cooled boil water and honey if you want sweetness ! deffo no Gin haha

  • Lots of things will kill cancer cells in a test tube. In the human body it's a different story:)

  • I agree i think if it was that easy no one would need chemo eh !

  • Hi Helen swallowed my first capsule yesterday afternoon ! did feel strange after few hours and bit hot ! then had chills ,went to loo a couple times ,but by evevning i wasnt to bad , dont know if it was all phycological i suffer with bad anxiety so.... been drinking lots water with slice lemon in for flavour Thank you for asking my friend , will take next one Monday .. all the best Holly x

  • If you have a local Aldi try their flat water that is flavoured with lemon and lime. Straight out of the fridge it is sooooo refreshing. I have no problem drinking water this way xx

  • can you tell me if its free from sugar or sweetners please jilly thank you xx

  • The hydrea also makes me super warm/hot. My face turns bright red. Also makes me a little queasy

  • I am afraid many things like this are said and if only it were that easy to get rid of cancer - sadly no far more is needed to abate all the cancers people deal with. All the best Holly with your treatment I know it feels very odd when starting and just the word "chemotherapy" makes you feel apprehensive - but these little capsules are actually friends in disguise quietly doing their job to keep us going even if with the odd side effects but they keep us going and you will soon get used to having them as part of your life. I have been on HU for 10 years when I started I took 3x500mg each day and in recent years 2x500 mg per day and they have kept my platelets pretty good all those years. If you get any bits and pieces as side effects in coming weeks let us know and we can help you out. The big assistance is - as everyone will tell you - lots of water have a little bottle with you all times and keep hydrating it really does assist! All the best girl. Jill x

  • Hi Jill thank you, yes heam was delaying put me on Hu because im a very anxious person , hence starting me off slowly one a day 3 times week , i go back to him in 3 weeks time ,what happens if you feel really bad i havent been told what to do or who to ring ? would it be Gp first port of call , hope you keep well Jill thanks for post best wishes Holly x

  • Good luck Holly, I hope that the treatment goes well. I heard that lemons, juice and zest are good for cancer. If it means that I can make and eat more lemon cheesecake, I'd be very happy. lots of love Mel x

  • Yes i like lemon cheeses cake ,Thank you Mel for your good wishes , will try not to worry to much over treatment , has to be done eh regards Holly x

  • Hi Holly,

    It's okay to hope. We all hope for the cure.

    Wishing you well.

  • Thank you Light .yes indeed 😀

  • Well that's new one! Think I might stick to my HU for the time being.......



  • Yes Louise, I havent tried it , and just having been put on HU i just put slice lemon in my water. best wishes Holly x

  • Always remember, baking soda and baking powder are not the same.

  • Hi,

    No they won't kill cancer cells HOWEVER....

    Cancer thrives in a body high in acidity. Getting your blood to be more PH neutral means the cancer just won't thrive as easily. Bicarbonate of soda will help neutralise acids, as will bizarrly lemons. Lemons are high in acid yet when you ingest them they become alkaline in your body hence helping remove any acidity from your body.

    So in summary, no they aren't a magic cure but they certainly won't do any harm. Taken with warm water lemons will certainty help digestion and help cleanse your system.

  • Thank you Paul ,

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