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Don't Miss MPN Event Saturday

Please consider joining me at MD Anderson in Houston this Saturday OR attending live online. We'll hear the latest about all 3 MPNs (MF, PV, ET) from Dr. Verstovsek and other world renowned experts and experienced patients and caregivers:

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Thanks, Andrew!


Thank you Andrew, it could prove most interesting... :)




Is there an offline 'replay' programmed? USA central time is 7hrs behind central Europe - at a time when I'm getting hit over the head by my wife for not respecting sleeping patterns due to my cortisone 'live following would be difficult' - though very interesting !

Anything specific on PMF SCT and treatment of chronic GvHD?




Yes we always have a replay within a day or so. Just be signed up for alerts on We'll also post interviews and video clips.


I'm registered on Patient power but can't remember how to be alerted - I'll keep a lookout for it.


On our event from City of Hope in a couple of weeks we'll cover transplant and complications, for sure.

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There'll also be an opportunity to sign up for that one - Central time also?


of course! it's listed on the page now.


Hello again,

The meeting at City of hope Duart looks particularly interesting for me - deals with transplant questions - I had mine just over a year ago and am having a few chronic complications (just switched from corticoid based treatment to Ruxolitinib which seems to be doing the trick).

As part of my 'family home therapy' I want to keep the illness out of the spotlight, especially the WE. Will the presentations be available offline so I can catch up on them later?



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