Good morning

Good morning

Feeling very proud this morning & very emotional, sitting having a brew with my grandson fast sleep on me .

He came to cheer me on yesterday

This is what got me to the finishing line

I'm feeling truly Blessed & Honoured to have getting a place to Run for MPN voice

Thanks for all the sponsors , well wishes & encouraging messages

I ❤️ You all X

Pam X

4 Replies

  • well done you little beauty! Have a long rest this week, you deserve it. Everyone here is so grateful and proud of you xx

  • Thanks it was a great day

    Will never forget the amazing atmosphere , crowds & suport from everyone especially my MPN friends ❤️ Thank you x

    Very very tired today X

    But worth every ache & Pain X

  • Wonderful Pam ,you have done great ,wish i had your energy and motivation, you should be very proud of yourself . x

  • Thank you so much ,

    I'm very tired now , no energy ATM

    Sleeping the clock around

    But worth every ache ,pain & blister

    It was an amazing day I SUPRISE myself seeing the 5k , 10k then 15 & 20 k signs X

    Thanks for your support xx

    Love Pam X

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