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Does anyone else get severe itching on their jaw? Peculiar I know!

I haven't ever posted here - but have been quietly reading and learning from everything for many months! I was diagnosed with pv a year ago (jak 2+). I am on hydroxycarbamide each day and bloods are now doing really well. The doctors at the hospital are usually not interested in any other symptoms and said that once bloods are normalised I would feel better - but I don't! I know that overwhelming fatigue and itching are common but should I feel this bad? The hot weather has not agreed with me but the worst itching is on my jaw and neck - red, angry and so sore. Does anyone else get itching in such a peculiar place? I have gained so much from MPN Voice and just want to say thank you to all of you who share and support us newbies!

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Hi Pauline,

I would just like to welcome you to the forum. I have ET and the only symptom I have is fatigue, it seems so many of us do not escape that particular symptom. I hope someone can be of help to you regarding the 'itching jaw.' I wonder if it could be a reaction to your medication ? However, itching is also a symptom of polycythemia too. I agree with you about the discomfort of the hot weather....roll on winter.

Mary x


Thank you for your welcome.


Hello Pauline, welcome to the forum, you should go and see your GP about this itching as it may not be related to your PV, and they may be able to prescribe something to help, maybe an antihistamine, it can be all too easy to put symptoms down to our MPNs when they may not be and we could be ignoring something that needs treatment. Some of the less common side effects of Hydroxycarbamide are itching and skin inflammation, skin rash and facial redness, so it is a possibility that you are allergic to Hydroxycarbamide, so best to get this checked out. I hope you get some relief soon, best wishes, Maz


Thank you for your advice. I will go and talk to my GP first as I don't think my hospital haematologist is very interested in any symptoms, just blood results (which he doesn't want to tell me!). I may be maligning him so I will pluck up courage to ask questions again and see what happens!


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