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Blood results

Hi so I was diagnosed with PV about 9 months ago. I've been having venesections only and aspirin, initially these were weekly then they have just started to move so they are now every 8-10 weeks. What we've seen is while the HC and platlets have stabilised at around 0.42 and 450-500 I've had a drop in others so I start to look a bit anaemic with HB 125 and MCV of around 70. I actually don't have any symptoms at all really of my PV and only very recently with the hot humid weather have been a bit breathless - but that could be down to the fact I've had a cough, cold and underlying hay-fever for most of last 8 weeks ! I guess that could also have effected my bloods.

Has anyone else had similar experiences. I don't want to take drugs if I can avoid it !

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Hi Chris

I have ET and a slightly similar experience .

My HB is 97 and my MCV is 127 so have slightly large red cells but I am not really symptomatic and I still have good exercise tolerance so I'm inclined to go by how I am clinically and not necessarily by the numbers .

I'm a bit low in iron so have increased my oral intake of iron via my diet .

I take hydroxycarbamide and aspirin that's enough for me !

Hope you continue to be fairly symptom free

Helen x



being anaemic will definately contribute to a feeling of breathlessness. A lot of PV patients can have low iron stores because of venesections, this can also lead to it.

With PV though dont consider taking any iron supplements without speaking to your consultant as increasing iron will accelrate your red blood cell production.



HiChris, welcome to the group. Your journey so far in terms of counts, treatment and symptoms is similar to mine. My bloods stabilised after about 7 months of v'sections, fortunate not to have needed one since March. My PCV is starting to climb again now so I expe t a section before the year is out. Both Aspirin and anaemia have the potential to give you breathlessness. Though i found to weeks of dry heat in France totally rid me of this symptom for the duration! Your counts sound good and remember,anaemia is a good place to be for tbose of us with PV! Helps us to avoid the drugs for longer i suppose. Good luck. J


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