Exciting weekend!

Hello, all! I just had to share that my oldest son, Joe, got married last weekend! We were blessed with great weather and no major issues. (although my youngest son fainted during the ceremony! He was a groomsman) I had been nervous about how I would hold up, having PV and battling fatigue. I made it through everything, from decorating on Thursday, rehearsal on Friday, "beautifying" and wedding/reception on Saturday, and we hosted gift opening/lunch at our house on Sunday. But by Sunday afternoon I was exhausted. I hate to admit it, but I really haven't done much since! I go back to work at school on Wednesday after having the summer off, so I guess I'd better not get used to sitting on my rump! On a side note, I have been having weird heart sensations-kind of like palpitations I guess. They make me feel like I've been exercising, needing to catch my breath. I'm beginning to get concerned since they have been occurring since May or so. I blamed it on dehydration during my Disney trip, but that isn't the case now. Does anyone else get these? I take HU and aspirin (2 full strength/day).

Jk1234-How was your niece's wedding?

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  • Congratulations on your sons wedding, I am sure this will have taken it out of most people never mind those of us with health problems.

    I would contact your consultant or book in to see your GP regarding your palpitations, it is probably nothing to worry about but at least you can get checked over before you get back to work. Probably all a result of the fatigue you have been suffering but better to be sure.


  • Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend. Both my sons are getting married next year and I've got visions of me asleep in a corner by 8 pm!! So you've inspired me - maybe I can make it right through!

    Regarding the palpitations perhaps you ought to get them checked out by your doctor, to ease your mind. Worrying about them may make them worse.

    Best wishes


  • Hi, Lizzie. I have to confess that when my son married nearly four years ago I had to leave the evening party a bit early with headache and fatigue. The bride confessed that she was ready to leave too but as the star of the show she couldn't! I think she was maybe being kind but I really appreciated what she said. We slipped away without too many folk seeing. Best wishes, Jan

  • Hi Beck, , firstly I'm pleased all went well for your son's wedding, you had a fab day and you were up to ihe rigours of the day. No doubt much of the success was in the planning and your hard work. Well done !!.

    Like Paul et lizzziep say best get checked but could be form of anxiety which I get now and then for no apparent reason, the build up to the wedding is a stressful time esp when you have fatigue., maybe when you resume work you won't have time for things to build up and wash over you or it could worsen so another good reason to be checked soon as. . .

    Good luck. Chris

  • Glad you had a great day with your son's wedding. I burst into tears at my sons wedding when he took his bride onto the floor for the first dance. I suddenly thought I might not be here to see my other three sons so happy. I don't often indulge in negative thoughts and put that down to the emotion of the day

    As others have said, probably best to get the palpitations checked out. At least it will put your mind at rest

    Best wishes, Jan

  • Well, I took everyone's advice and called my GP. After having an EKG, ECG, wearing a holter monitor for 48 hours, and a stress test, I go Thursday for an angioplasty. Tests are showing at least a partial blockage. I asked the cardiologist if PV is playing a part, but he assured me the PV is not related. I have sent a message to my oncologist. Stay tuned!........

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