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Chimerism levels

Hello Maz et al,

Is there any feedback on my question raised a couple of weeks ago concerning acceptable/attainable chimerism levels and their possible evolution in time.

I must admit I have difficulties in understand how a small percentage of my 'old marrow' seems to be continuing its life in a corner somewhere without being kicked out by the new owners!

Have a nice day everyone.


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Hi Crapaud, I shall have a detailed reply for you shortly. Maz


Hi Maz,

Have you been able to get the feedback concerning the chimerism level question?




Hi Gary, apparently she is away on holiday so I am waiting for her to email me the answer, she gave an answer at the meeting but said she would email me with a more detailed reply, I am sorry for the delay. Maz


OK, thanks - the question is less ' urgent' than it was since my levels have improved lately (99.8% and 99.9%)😀, but I'm curious anyway.

Have a nice WE


Dear Crapaud, do hope you might be able to change your name to ticketybooaud before long.....Louisex

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Hello Loubard,

I must admit I had difficulty understanding your post initially since I didn't catch your play on ticketyboo... and Crap..., perhaps I am loosing my grasp on English after all these years in France😀!!

For your info, if you didn't know, crapaud means Toad in French, this was the nickname my brother in law gave me when I married his princess of a sister.

He has always said that if I were a real English prince then a kiss from a princess would transform the Toad!

Have a pleasant day, I'll do my best to hop around.


Ey up Toady!

What a hoot, I thought Crapaud meant you're name is Audrey and you feel crap, which is why I said hope you change to tickety boo soon.

I nearly fell off my chair laughing! I'm so sorry what a dunce I am.

Whereabouts in France are you? Wonderful country, we love it.

One of my dear friends is married to a Frenchman and they have a house in Brittany as well as living here in Windermere.

She always sends birthday cards etc written in French, and I'm hopeless, have to get the dictionary out.

So Au Revoir and 'ave a bon jour! As I speak, I can't see across the garden for the stairrod rain and it's 11 degrees.

Some summer. Heating full on.




Thanks Louise for making me smile this morning.

To conclude the Toad saga, my honeymoon night was at a hotel opposite a big house called " Toad Abode" near Bath , funny coincidence n'est-ce pas?

I live in Angers in the West of France - luck would have it that there is a very good CHU with a haematology/transfusion dept.

Today the weather is fine 22C but it's been a strange start to summer too.



Lovely! Not an area that we know but I've just googled it and it looks really pretty.

Strangely enough my husband is coming to Le Mans classic next week ( can't be too far from you) with 9 chums.

They 'll be like little boys. Camping. Must be mad at their age ( 64 to 70) He's coming in a friend's open top Aston - how the other half lives - so it'll be two old geezers swanning through the French countryside..There's just about enough room for a tent, two sleeping bags and a couple of cans of beer. I haven't asked about a change of clothes. Ridiculous car, a boot big enough for a pair of wellies. Personally I prefer less kudos and a bit more space for at least five suitcases.

Have a great day.



I now have an answer from Lynne the transplant nurse based at Nottingham City Hospital:

With regards to your question – it is not unusual for patients to have a “mixed” chimerism result at 3 and 6 months post-transplant. By mixed I mean that there will be some recipient cells present but hopefully it would be predominantly donor cells so a 90 / 10 split in favour of the donor. Ideally by 12 months it would be 100% donor cells.

In some cases if the chimerism level isn’t as high as the Doctors want we can give a booster dose of cells but this needs careful consideration as it can cause complications such as graft versus host disease. Really it needs to be looked at on an individual basis and other factors are often taken in to consideration.


Thanks Maz,

I'm now at almost 11 months after my SCT, so would have hoped (expected ?) to be getting close to the 100% mark.

My latest results last week came back and have moved up to 99.8% and 99.9%.:-)

Do things normally stay that way, or does the fact I'm starting a chronic GVHD phase mean a change may be expected?




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