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ME AND ET the full SP

Hi to everyone who answered my first post.

It is so WONDERFUL to know that there are such excellent people out there who can offer help, assistance and guidance.

The Full SP

I have had a longish history of Thrombophlebitis. My surgical consultant recommended me to the Haematologist for deeper checks. In December I had a FULL LEG DVT. So I am on Warfarin until the 15th June. Then he found the reason for the DVT was ET. So when I had my diagnosis it was half relief and half scary.

I now believe with such an Army of friends I will come to terms with ET and look forward to all my future contacts.

Thank you to you all,


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Hi Steve, glad you have a diagnosis as you can now get control of your MPN and not vice versa.  Keep in touch, best wishes Aime x😺

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Thanks for your support.



Hi Steve hope you have had a good weekend and not had to many worries. Sounds as if you have been through the mill of late, like most of us we find it all  a relief that they find out what the problems are and it was not all in our minds or feeling like we are going nuts as we know that something is wrong, I know it is all very scary when you are first told and it does take a time to get your head round it all but it will come.

Like most of us on here we enjoy life to the full, I even enjoy a glass of wine eat well Oh and drink LOADS of water and for me personally life is fairly normal, just attended Hospital every few months, it's funny how you get used to it all, I intend to live to a grand old age hopefully with all my faculties still in tact oh and also my mind 😉 Hehe!!    

Anyway you will find that everyone on this site are there for you. 



Thanks again SUPERWOMAN you are right once you get your mind in check it becomes clearer. I missed out the kidney stone three days before the DVT. But on the bright side I got warm gel for my scans entonox for the pain now for my black stocking. Discovered my feminine side. What a way to find it

 Slowly coming to terms with ET. Again thanks for the support. 



Hi Steve. Just make sure you are in control of the ET and the ET isn't controlling you!! I'm sure the black stocking is very attractive 😳😳😱 

Best wishes 



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