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Headache nausea

Have a headache, dizzy, nausea going on for about week.  Go to bed with it and wake up with it.  Since we can only Tylenol and that is not touching it.  My Dr said Aleve would be ok.  Any thoughts???  My GP seems to think allergies, I'm thinking maybe my platelets are high but I had this when my platelets were in low 500's but it didn't last.  Advil help but can't take with aspirin??  What do other take for headaches????    

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I've had migraines for years and take Vicodin. Although I'm on Hydroxy now, I used to be on baby aspirin and my doc said it was ok for me to take Vicodin with that.  Have you checked your blood pressure to see if that's the cause?  Also, I've been using meditation to help with headaches and with regular meditating my headaches are much less often and less severe.  Good luck. Katie


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