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Hydroxycarbamide and Amitriptyline

I have been taking Amitriptyline 10mg for some time for back ache.  Last week I started to take Hydroxy for PV.  Amitrip has a dehydrating effect which of course is not good with the hydroxy.  I have a feeling that someone had posted and been prescribed an alternative to Amitrip.  I have looked back over the posts but cannot find that post.  I have made an appointment to see my GP this afternoon and would be grateful to know the alternative so that I can suggest that as a replacement.

Thank you and good health to all of you wonderful people.

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I took Hydroxy and amitriptyline together for many years. As long as you drink plenty you should be ok. I'm not aware of an alternative but if you can find one that you would be happier with then great. What we each put into our bodies in important to all of us as individuals 

Best wishes, Jan


Thank you Jan.


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