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Good Sunday morning to all of you!  I need someone to calm me down and explain some test results to me.  I get e-mails when test results are in-received one such e-mail this morning.  So, I looked at the site, expecting to see that my mammogram was normal, only to find that I tested positive for ANA with a titer of 1:160 and speckled.  All I know it that this means that there is something else going on.  I won't see my GP until the 14th.  Can anyone explain what these results may mean?  I promise I won't freak out!  I'd rather have some idea than to let my imagination run wild for the next 2 weeks!

Thanks in advance!  I know I can count on you all for support!


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  • Hi Becky, sorry to hear you are worried about results.  I am no medic so can not help with these but wanted to say that I understand the panic you are feeling and suggest you phone and speak to your GP tomorrow.  I think everyone on this forum goes through different panics as we wait on or don't understand results.  I had a recent panic myself with unexplained high temps but all checked out now and I worried and got myself into a state for nothing!

    The best thing to do is to get your answers as quickly as you can as worrying does not help health.  If your medics are difficult to reach insist on speaking to them by phone at least.  Take care, keep in touch with the forum so you can get support.  If your condition is related to PV, ET etc, Maz our editor, who you can reach through the MPN Voice website can provide one to one support with a buddy and she can also get advice on medical situations also.  Thinking of you, please make that call tomorrow and put your worries to rest. Best wishes Aime xx😺

  • Thank you.  Yes, I have PV also.  Just always seems that when I think things are finally smoothing out, something else pops up!

    Thank you for your support and suggestions~

  • Hi Becky

    How are you getting on? Kind regards Aime x😺

  • Thanks for checking on me!  Sorry to say I don't have answers yet. Saw my primary yesterday but he doesn't know what the results mean. There are others that came back "Positive" and high too. I will see a rheumatologist soon. One good thing though, Lupus has been ruled out!

  • That's good that lupus has been ruled out, one thing less. Keep in touch Aime x😺

  • Well, after being retested for all the things in the rheumatic field, I have been told I don't have any rheumatic issues!  I do, however, have Hashimoto's thyroiditis- dead thyroid.  I can handle that!  2 doctors said they thought I had Mixed Connective Tissue Disease.  The second tests were negative-so I'll go with that!  Thanks for your concern and good thoughts-they really helped!

  • Hi Becky, no problem, we are all here to support one another.  Hope things go better for you.xx 😺😺

  • Hi Becky, you will need to speak to your GP about these results, it might be best to phone your surgery and ask to speak to your doctor prior to your appointment on 14th.  Maz 

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