Anybody got any energy to spare?

Morning campers ­čśü

I am going to see consultant this afternoon for the results of my brain and upper GI scans so, as you can imagine, I have been a nervous wreck all weekend.  Decided to be proactive and start the spring cleaning. I didn't go mad, just a thorough cleaning of the downstairs a day at a time.  Thought the physical activity would surely make me sleep but oh no, I have watched the clock every minute of the last two nights. Never felt so tired in my life. Hubby has told me twice that I am as white as a sheet. Hoping for some reassuring news from consultant this afternoon and that, combined with a break in Northumberland next week will hopefully sort me out.  Keep your fingers crossed for me my MPN family, will let you know how it went xxxx

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  • All the best girl for your hospital visit it is wearing waiting for results. ┬áThinking of you.┬á

  • Stress and especially 'the not knowing' can make things appear even worse than the actual problem, sometimes, and sure all of us do sympathise with you. Hope all goes well and please let us know how you get on. In the meantime, many loving thoughts from Tinkerbell13 xx

  • Hope all goes well, thinking about you. Aime xx­čś║

  • Fingers crossed for you...


  • All X for will be ok.Best Wishes.

  • Good luck, hope all goes well x

  • Fingers - and toes - crossed for you. Hope all goes well

  • Morning campers ­čśÇ

    Well everything went well yesterday.  Scan showed liver and spleen enlarged and on palpitation she could feel my spleen protruding below my ribs.  Keeping an eye on it for now.

    Blood results were excellent!  Thank you Hydroxy.  No change needed to meds.

    Radiologists have recommended an MRI scan for the brain, just to be sure my stumbling, slurring and confusion are down to the meds and the associated tiredness.

    Overall good news.  Now for that break in Northumberland....heaven

  • Glad your results were okay. Enjoy your break in Northumberland. We're going to Alnwick at the end of the month. Great county.

  • Can't agree more, the beaches are amazing and sitting having a coffee over the harbour at seahouses is heaven

  • Good news....have a good break you deserve it.

  • thanks Paul, ┬áthis time next week ┬áwe will hopefully be on the beach with the metal detectors bleeping like mad lol

  • Pleased about your results. I have got VERY forgetful since being on the Hydroxycarbamide, my memory wasn't fantastic before that. I often get my words wrong as well. I'm hoping its the drug and not just me getting older, I'm in my 60's not 90's ­čś│

    Enjoy your break, we're off to North Yorkshire at the weekend- that'll make it rain ­čśä

    Best wishes 

    Lizzie x

  • Good luck to you. Luv Mel x

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