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Thumping noise in ear

Anyone notice a thumping noise in there ears, kinda like your heartbeat. It comes and it goes. Have only had this since I have been on HU. Weird to say the least but then again I am fighting a terrible sinus issue it seems also. Got sick over Christmas and just cannot get rid of it! We have had some very weird weather in the USA this year, this is usually a cold time of the year (winter) for us and on Christmas it was 80 degrees and raining, humid etc. My trees cannot decide if its winter or summer, the leaves fell off and now they are coming back on! OK never had any issue's with my heart before except AFIB once which was caused by inflammation from a surgery. Checked by GP and cardiologist all the time since then, low BP, no strokes (hope I can continue to be blessed and stroke free) just high platelets diag this year 2015. On HU one a day for over two months platelets have only lowered to 640, were 743, all other blood work ok so far. Get lots of side effects from the HU and seem to be getting worse not better. Saw an MPN expert at John Hopkins, he does not like HU at all and never uses it. Soooo confusing. I did hear they were testing HU verses pegasy at the Mayo Clinic for ET. Hope everyone is doing well and had a great Holiday!! Mickey

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We've got strange weather here in the UK too, lots and lots of rain and flooding, temperatures a lot higher than is normal for this time of year, so our flora and fauna are confused too.

As for the ears, I've just had an ear infection and blocked ears, but unconnected (as far as I know) with the HU and ET.

Happy New Year

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Hi, Mickey. My ET has progressed to MF but I get the thumping in my ears when I'm anemic and I can 'hear' when I need a blood transfusion! I also get pulsating visual disturbances too. Sometimes I feel as though I can hear a neighbours loud music and all I'm getting is the base and other times it sounds like soldiers marching nearby. Bizarre really but you are not alone. Mine is a definite symptom of anaemia though. Take care. Jan


Hello Mickey,

I'm always looking for the source of the thumping noise , only to realise it's my own heartbeat! It's been worse lately with a bad head cold & therefore blocked tubes.

Been on HU for 11 years and my tinnitus has got really bad during that time, I think there must be some connection

Happy new year from the UK




I have ET and take Anagrelide, it gave me tinnitus in left ear.

When I mentioned this to Haemotology they said it wasn't meds I had something else!! I went back to GP who said was meds but referred me to ENT nonetheless.

When I went there I told them I could hear 'whooshing' constantly. I said it's almost like I can hear blood running and heart rhythm but all specialists say no such thing!! She didn't though she basically said your platelets have dropped from 1500 to normal levels and that's exactly what you can hear, your own blood running more efficiently! For first time someone took it seriously and heard what I was saying. I took great pleasure in telling Haemotology!!!

So pulsatile tinnitus is what I have and it can be debilitating but I always have background noise, water feature in garden helps sleeping. I find talking on phone impossible.

Best wishes for 2016



Thanks for the replies everyone, was really getting frightening. But Peter I do have a head cold that has stuck with me for weeks now, my sinuses are all backed up and my ears pop daily, sometimes I feel like I'm underwater! Beetle I feel ya, I get the same sounds and Lizzy the weather here in the USA has been really weird, Christmas where it is normally in the 30's and mostly snowing, it was 85 degrees here, lots of rain, lots of humidity and then got water in our basement which seeped through the walls and guess what we found mold! so the drywall, carpet everything we tore down, could not stand the smell. Just don't know if the meds, the head cold, the bad sinuses or just plain ET. And your right Dr's just seem to pass everything off, my last CT scan and my last MRI said mucous and fluid on the maxillary sinuses suggesting sinusitis and need to be investigated. UGH us ET-ers and MPN-ers are always getting weird stuff. :). Thanks again! think its time to go see a ear nose and throat Dr.


I often wake up wondering about the thumping I can hear and then realised its nin my ears. Another symptom, we should start the MNP thump band lol

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