Still no wiser

I've been to the hospital this morning for a scan on my spleen, which came out normal!. I've been striving to be normal for years but usually fail!!

So I'm no wiser as to what the pain under my left ribs is. It's probably caused by old age and poverty! I do feel relieved it isn't an enlarged spleen though.

Apparently my gall bladder/stones are still the same as they were 6 months ago, so leaving them alone for now.

I've had this pain for a couple of months now, it feels a bit like "stitch" and isn't there all the time.

Hey ho, I do like to be a bit different!!

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  • Gotta be good news lizzziep. . . Could be your gaul stones grumbling ? ? It's in the wrong place to be bowel related (IBS). Maybe it's indigestion type pain which I often get high up , and have to bend forward to try and force some windypops up, but my spleen is still enlarged. . You may never find out but I hope it doesn't cause you too much grief. . . Chris

  • Thanks Brave Jedi. Hope you are feeling a little better. Maybe I pulled a muscle lifting my money stuffed purse out of my handbag!

    By the way, glad your wind goes up and not in the other direction!!


  • It has its ups and downs !! 😨x

  • Great news about your spleen Lizziep! Sorry that you don't have an answer. I know it can be frustrating not knowing. Maybe it is from carrying all your gold nuggets in your purse?

  • Glad to hear your spleen is ok, such a relief for you. Hope the pain sorts itself out soon.

    Karen x

  • Thank you X

  • Morning Lizzie-so chuffed to hear about your diagnosis-it not being your spleen I mean! Trouble with

    our stuff is that it is all under the surface so when we get an odd pain, twinge or raging ache we dunno if it's the disease or the meds or its just about becoming ol' birds!!!! Even a fine old wine can have a little sediment!!! Anyway, I hope your pain subsides...sounds like it could be your gall stones letting you know they're still there. Have a peaceful day, much love, Poll x

  • Hi Lizzziep,

    I too get that "stitch" and like you from time to time. My spleen is not palpable as of last hem visit. Consultants aren't bothered about it. Who knows? Hope it doesn't bother you too much.

  • I'd just like to know what is causing it!! But it looks like remaining a mystery!

  • Absolutely. Maybe if we keep asking....

  • Hi Lizzie, glad your spleen is ok but I know how you feel not getting an answer. I also get pain and pressure in the area of my spleen. It has been checked on several occasions and I got the same answer as you. While it's good news that it's okay I would like confirmation of what it is. Perhaps it's wind going up instead of down like Chris suggests! I guess we will have to put up with it meantime but I am going to keep asking for a spleen check! Best wishes Aime xx😺

  • It's obviously something that occurs with our particular problems. We'll have to keep mentioning it to the doctors! I was convinced my spleen was enlarged, the scan says not though.

  • Yep, me too. My spleen has gone up and down in size - now back to normal but I still get the strange pain under my rib cage on the left. Really does sound strange that there's a few of us having the same.

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