ET and weight Gain

Hello, I was diagnosed with ET in 2007 Jak 2 +. I am on Hydroxyurea daily for the rest of my life. I am so glad i finally found a place with people who have this rare disorder. I too have gained 25 lbs slowly over the years and i am tall and slender and not overweight until now. It has been a slow gain but NOTHING i do takes it off. I too am looking for help!!!!!!!! penny

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  • I suggest a book I read ,,I have found it extremely interesting and useful ,,also it's very easy to understand ,,what makes us tick ..helps control weight gain ,, the ph miracle ,by .dr.robert .young ,, and his wife Shelley Redford young .. Hope it helps you . It's helped many !! Twinkly. X

  • I gained weight when I went on HU, although I was already overweight. I joined Slimming World earlier this year and have lost nearly 3 stone. Despite sticking to the diet I have lost the weight very slowly, which I think is due to the medication. The eating plan is very healthy. I'm hoping to get to my target weight in 2016.

  • Paleo diet has done well for me as I had the same problem. No dairy, gluten, root vegetables or processed food on 80/20 ratio. Been on this for ten weeks and have lost 7kilos so far

  • I can't blame ET or meds for my weight issues but the 5/2 diet has worked well for me this year - lost 2 stone (pre-Christmas..!) and have found it quite an easy regime to follow.

  • Hi I've just read your posting and found it interesting as I too have put on weight since I went on HU in Sept. As I'm feeling so much better and my stomach is so much more comfortable than it has been for years I put it down to that as I can now eat more or less what I like without a reaction. I thought it was these two factors but maybe the drug can cause weight gain I will discuss this with my consultant next visit but I have taken on board the advice from the other posts.

    Thank You

  • How interesting to read this. I had a gastric bypass in 2014 and went down to 12 stone. Last year I was put on HC and have put a stone back on. Now I know its not what I eat because I can only eat tiny portions and I can't eat anything sweet as I become very unwell if I do so this could answer a lot of questions. For example a daily diet for me is a small pot of fruit in natural juice and a fat free yoghurt. For lunch a banana and a handful of salt free nuts and raisins, for tea I have a small portion of chicken or cold ham with a jacket potato (tiny). Before I go to bed I have a mug of hot milk (semi skimmed). I have been really good on my exercise bike lately and do 5 miles a day, so 35 miles of cycling a week should shift it right? No way, that scale will not go under 13 stone for love nor money so hearing this about the meds can really explain a lot. Maybe my gastric consultant won't shout at me when I explain lol.

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