HU, ET and Advil

Hi all, I have a question, I see where a lot of people say not to take any nsaids (advil etc) with your HU and aspirin however my Dr (Hemo Dr) says no there is no reason why you can take it? As long as you are not taking too much. Can you give me your thoughts on this or what you have been told. I have ET. I see where it is a varying difference of opinion. Thanks

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  • I've been told it's ok to take normal doses of NSAIDs alongside a 75mg daily aspirin but no more than that - each of our situations is different so it's best to follow your own doctor's advice...

  • I decided not to take NSAIDS while taking Aspirin. Ibuprofen can decrease efficacy of aspirin and that would be the last thing I would want. I guess one occasionally might not hurt. Lyn

  • I have Et and am on HU, my doctor said NOT to take ibuprofen etc as it would affect the aspirin.

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  • I have checked in the leaflet we have on Aspirin and it says that Aspirin can interact with NSAIDS : Ibuprofen and that you should inform your doctor if you are taking them, so you have done the right thing in checking with your haematologist. Maz

  • The nurse practitioner actually said it lowers platelets. so who knows, I think it is also a blood thinner product and maybe the reason. Thanks everyone and thank you Maz as always you are sooo helpful!!!!

  • I was taking 2x500mg of Naproxin daily and was given 75mg of asprin. My consultant was fully aware of all of my medication.

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