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Living with MPNs Day

Many thanks to Maz, the other members of the MPN Voice team, the medical professionals and everyone else who contributed to a very interesting and well organised day in London today. Will copies of the presentations be available in due course so we can look at them again and those who couldn't attend today have a chance to see them too..? Thanks again, Andy

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Yes, I add my thanks for an excellent and informative day. It was lovely to see Maz and all the others. They look after everyone so well. Love you Maz xxx


Hello Andy, thank you both for coming and supporting us, it was a great day full of interesting talks, and it was great to meet so many people. Yes, we will be putting the presentations on the website, I will let everyone know when they are on there. Maz (p.s. they held my connecting train at Derby so got home ok)

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