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Genetics and MPNs

Greetings: We at Patient Power have been trying a new online conversational approach with experts and advocates. I'd love top now what you think. Here's a clip about genetics and mans with two renowned US experts and a pv patient who is the founder of a leading support organization for research:

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What ever happened to the interviews you took at the London forum ..we dashed down there to do them and never saw them ...on line .twinkly ..


They are all here: and here: Let me know if you need anything else.


Thank you very much for that information ,Andrew ..iv watched them and enjoyed them ..hope you are doing well and keeping fit .dont forget you are welcome anytime you visit the u.k. ..twinkly xx


Thanks! In Los Angeles tonight and moving to San Diego. But my colleague Charlie is in London and I know we'll be doing more with MPN Voice soon. We will interview Claire, for sure, at ASH in a few weeks.


Thank you for that it was very interesting to read .

A little while ago I went to a patient doctor conference at the Royal Brompton Hospital as my son has complex congenital heart disease and very rarely his two children have it too and it is not hereditary nor is it genetic .( he's had the tests) .

But one of the researchers wants to do a study on my family as there are genes to be discovered and she was very interested to know I had a gene mutation even an acquired one .

Lots of interesting work going on in this field .


Yes there is, in all illnesses.


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