Alls well

A big thank you you my friends for your good wishes , platelets up a little , but she thinks way im feeling is because ,i have iritis in my eyes after having my cataracts done 3 weeks ago and other eye 6 week ago ,Aso my Athuritis in my neck and shoulders been inflamed last few weeks which all havent helped in way im feeling plus anxiety playing a large part , im seeing her again in 2 months . I have a Gp appoiment in morning so will get her to help re change of meds for pain and inflamation! Thanks again for supporting me best wishes Holly xxx

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  • Good news that all is well MPN wise .

    Hope the GP can sort out the other things .

    Hopefully the anxiety will ease a bit now you know . It seemed you were waiting for that appointment forever .xx

  • Hi Helen , yes was a 4 mth wait ! but next one early Feb , and seems a cert that i will go on treatment then! saw Gp thursday my blood pressure pill at 4 mg she seemed happy with bp and wants me to take 20mg paraoxtine for anxiety and deppression ( wanted me on 30 mg 2 week ago ) but it made me feel heady shes not my regular gp as it is ! mine is away all of November 😒 Think heam a bit concerned with my age and higher risks with my mitral valve and palpations and now bp so its looks like its time for me to be on Hu , hope your doing well Helen and alls good with your new home best wishes love Holly xx

  • Good news.....pleased your mind is at rest. Sandy.

  • Thank you Sandy xx

  • Cheers for letting us know Holly , , was thinking of you earlier today and wondering if you would get any answers. . . Glad you came away wiser. Hope your GP can put the icing on the cake. ., (I know you like cake) x

  • Me like cake !! Never haha , hope your doing well young man , after what you have been through of late , your always positive ,and thats what i need to be my daughter keeps on at me to live my life more ,and be happy best wishes Holly x

  • Great news , hopefully you can try to relax a little now and get something to ease your arthritis and give you some relief wishes. Jk

  • Hi Holly I do hope your feeling less Anxious this morning ,

    Hope your GP was if a good help regarding your arthuritis that sounds painful , bless you & take good care hope your eyes are improving very soon two X

    Love Pam x

  • Thanks Pam , re eyes im off to hospital Tuesday,hopefully be last time there regarding post op for cataracts then back end JAn for the glaucomma clinic . i feel like a motor car with my parts keep falling apart haha ! guess its part of ageing factor too eh best wishes Holly xx

  • I have ET and am on HU. I have recently had electro acupuncture for the arthritis in my knees. It did help with the pain and inflammation - plus no side effects! My GP did this, unfortunately he is leaving and none of the others do it. The effect is fading and the pain is coming back so I am going to pay privately to have it done and see if a regular session will help more. It could maybe help you too.


  • Hi Lizzziep, good your having acupuncture, i have had that in past via NHS through physiotherapist ,it really helped , im waiting to get an appoiment for physio ,im attending a few times a year when my sciactica flaires up and also my spondilitis in neck areas , the heam thought at first my raised platelets ( before i was diagnosed with ET jak2+ ) it was a ll down to my arthritis ,but i knew in my heart of hearts there was more wrong with me because my spine problems started over 27 year ago just gets worse with age . but hey ho im used to that now and cope best we can hope you feel some relief soon all the best Holly x

  • Hi holly so glad your platelet count not too bad. Hope your GP can help with the pain and that you can start to feel less anxious.

    Karen x

  • Thank you Karen xx

  • Well done holly ! The lead up is always worse than the event !! Good for you. Twink

  • yes indeed Twinkly , thank you she did put emhasis on eating healthy , which i know you and most folk on here advocate , i let myself down sometimes with the ol chocolate fad ! best wishes Holly x

  • So pleased that things were not as bad as anticipated. Mel x

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