Beautiful day!

Beautiful day!

Beautiful day in South Shields today which wouldn't be complete without a walk along the pier to see the dolly in the lighthouse.

When the pier was being built in the late 19th century, miner James Bertram found the marble doll and stuck it in wet cement of the lighthouse. As you can see it's still there (just about!).

All ready for my hospital appointment tomorrow. Just the usual check-up but hey! Wish me luck!

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  • Lovely pictures. I wish you good luck for tomorrow 😀 X

  • Thanks Karen x

  • Smashing pics, good luck with your appointment tomorrow x

  • Thanks Liz x

  • Looks a fantastic place for a walk. Fab pics. All the best for tomorrow

  • Thanks. Not too nice today - a bit foggy 😀

  • Lucky you with that weather, it's been so foggy here all day, pretty miserable really!

    Good luck with your hospital appointment.

  • Thank you Ruby. It's foggy here today as it is over most of the U.K. I think 😀

  • Jealous of your walk there Sand-Dancer , , , looks fab. . Good luck with clinic. I'm sure you will be OK. . Chris . . 🐞 have a lucky ladybird !

  • Wow! I love ladybirds - thanks x

  • Good luck, we are all a little anxious before our appts. What a beautiful piccie .Sandy

  • Thanks Sandy. x

  • Lovely pics. Hope all goes well at your appointment. Have mine tomorrow and always feel anxious.

    Karen x

  • Good Luck with your appt to Karen. Hope all goes well.Lizxx

  • Thanks Liz x

  • Thanks Karen. Good luck for today x

  • Thank you x

  • It must be the day for appointments. . I have mine too!

    Here's to a great batch of numbers & news eh guys?


  • Yes! Good luck Liz x

  • Wishing you luck. Thanks for sharing your pictures. It's always motivating to have great places to walk in. I'm lucky with that too but would love to be able to tackle the beautiful Scottish mountains that surround us but have to make do with just looking at them!

  • Thanks beetle. Where do you live in Scotland?

  • West Coast. Oban is our nearest town. We live out in the wild. Very beautiful and very peaceful but will be moving next year ?to Devon? Not really out of choice but will be nearer to family.

  • Gorgeous! I love Scotland. We have just sold out home on the borders last week 😒

  • Well, great news at hospital! Hematocrite level at 40!!!! Lowest yet 😀. One happy bunny ! Next appointment 16 weeks!

  • Great news x

  • Glad it went well now you can relax xx

  • Lovely pictures, glad it went well at the hospital


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