MPD Day 16 November

Hi guys, just wondered who was going to the MPD Day this Saturday and who was staying at the President Hotel in Russell Square? I am arriving on the Friday, probably about 4 pm and planned a quiet evening just with dinner then an early bed. If anyone else is staying on the Friday, it would be good to have company - and the same for the Saturday night too. Regards Aime

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  • Hi Aime,

    I am going and staying at the President. I will be arriving about 2pm, my daughter is coming as well now. We intend to do a bit of shopping in the afternoon, so not sure what time we will be at dinner, but would be happy to meet up with you. We , also will not be having a late night. I am always in bed by 10pm. I will e mail you with my mobile number. Please feel free to call me.

    Look forward to seeing you.


  • Hi Judy, thank you would love to meet up and have dinner. Will email my mobile to you. Aime

  • Hi Aime - my wife and I will be there on Saturday. Not staying at the President but hope to meet you on the day. Andy

  • Hi Aime,

    I'll be there from Friday, we're staying in the Imperial Hotel by Russell Square. Nick

  • I am going and meeting six others from the MPNForum Facebook page and Michael from here. It would be nice to meet everyone. I live local so will travel on the day. Chris Harper

  • Hello Aime We are travelling up Saturday morning, very early start.,. See you then. Bye

  • Thank you for your replies guys, looking forward to meeting all. Regards Aime

  • Hi Aime..I am a newby to this site ( my first post) I am attending the forum on Saturday too , would love to meet with some of you on Saturday evening, by all the posts on site you are a really welcome bunch. Regards Sandy

  • Hi Sandy, I am staying at President Hotel but we will hopefully get a chance to arrange something through the day on Saturday. Kind regards Aime

  • Thank you Amie. Yes hopefully meet Sat during the day . If not I maybe we could meet in the President foyer. Sandy

  • Sandy - I am sorry we didn't meet up - the time went past so quickly. Keep in touch through the forum and hopefully the next time! Aime

  • Hi Aime. Thank you ,yes it was difficult to pinpoint people especially when you don't know who you are looking for ! It was a great day with so much information..wonderful speakers and lovely fellow sufferers. It was inspirational and so helpful . Thank you all .Sandy

  • Hiya, im flying out tomorrow,, hope to meet you all there

  • Hi All, Have a great day Sat, I'll be looking forward to the updates. Sadly I had to cancel booking today, I've a rotten cold that will not budge boo hoo! The fact that my WBC is just under 3 (on a meds adjustment) doesn't help. Have fun all, I'll look forward to meeting you all at the next one.

  • I am coming along with hubby. An early start for us too, leaving home at 7am !! It is a shame it starts so early as it is make it a long day for us all!!

  • This is a message to all of you who are going to the MPD day on Saturday. I hope you have a lovely time meeting all together and gain lots of knowledge and support. Looking forward to hearing all your news next week.

    I should have been so pleased to be part of it but left it too late to get in - maddening since I am living so close to London unlike those of you who are travelling from far and wide. Never mind, next time hopefully. With best wishes, Linds x

  • Linds - it might be worth checking if there is a space going as New Bloom has cancelled her space (see above). Hope you are lucky !

  • Ah, saw this too late. Never mind there will be a next time x

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