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MPN Voice Nottingham Support Group

Meetings are held on the 3rd Wednesday of every month, 6 – 8 pm, in the Maggie’s Centre, Gate 3, Nottingham City Hospital Campus, Hucknall Road, Nottingham, NG5 1PH.

The meetings are free to attend and are a great way to meet other people with MPNs, so you can share experiences, learn about MPNs, access information and support each other, we have a speaker at every meeting for the first hour talking on different subjects to include health and wellbeing, 24hr helpline, benefits etc, the last hour is spent talking to each other, giving help and support.

The meetings are facilitated by Angela Thompson, the MPN Clinical Nurse Specialist at Nottingham City Hospital and Maz Campbell-Drew, Administrator for MPN Voice. Angela is on hand at each meeting to answer questions relating to MPNs.

Anyone who is living with a MPN and their family and friends are welcome to come to the meetings, you do not have to book to attend, just turn up. The group has been meeting since January and each meeting is very well attended, so why not come along and meet us all.


Wednesday 16th September, the speaker will be Catherine Loughan, the Pharmacist at the City Hospital, who sees and advises MPN patients. So why not come along and learn all about the different medications used to treat MPNs.

Wednesday 21st October, the speaker will be Gina Vickers, Occupational Therapist for fatigue management. Fatigue is something that a lot of people with MPNs suffer with, so come along and get some hints and tips on how to combat the fatigue.

If you require any information about the meetings please email

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