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PV Headaches

Evening all.

I hope you are enjoying the heat, myself I am not keen 😁.

Anyway, can the lovely people with PV help me please. What do your headaches tend to be like. I have had some monsters the last few weeks with neck pain and I guess I'm wondering of that's how they are ? Also my head feels like it sometimes vibrates with a bit a blurred vision.

Can you guide me please ?

Thank you xx

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Hello Karen,

I get that too and, for me, headaches and blurred vision are symptomatic things and usually mean that I am due a venesection - if possible get in touch with your haem and ask for a blood test to make sure everything is ok - even if it is it is always best to make sure.

All the best,



Thank you Iain


Hi Karen. I get alot of headaches and blurred vision with my PV, have had scans but nothing seems to be untoward. I agree with lain though, they do get worse when my heamatocrit is high.

Good luck Mel x


Hi Karen -

Yes, I get these too - they are "splitting" headaches and I have blurred vision. So far the Drs. do not know what they are, but my haematologist has given me some tablets for them. I got an awful one the other night, one tablet did not work, but then I took 2 as recommended and that did work.

I am really getting to hate this illness. Hope your GP or consultant can help.



Thank you for your responses. Do you get stuff neck and pain with them. The vision thing worries me as I drive a lot as part of my job x


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