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I was curious if anyone has high cholesterol and ET. I didn't before but when platelets rose so did my cholesterol. I have conflicting recommendations as to taking a Statin drug or not. My diet has not changed and I do eat very healthy.

I am Jak2 positive, not sure if that matters either. It just seems that I don't know what is from this condition and what would be a normal situation at my age (58). Thanks so much for sharing your insights.


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Hi Janet - my cholesterol was slightly high when my ET was diagnosed so I've been taking a low dose of statin for 12 years - seems like a sensible precaution in view of the raised risk of thrombosis with ET. Apart from that I'm still just taking aspirin but turn 60 next year so may need to reconsider HU then...


I'm not medically trained. I chose NOT to take a statin and went more natural with red rice. Please ask your doctor first if you are interested in it and to also make sure there are no conflicts.


Hi Janet I have ET, also have got high cholesterol but cannot use Statins as I suffer really bad side effects from them, I have tried quite a few over the years but they all cause me problems. Like you I have a really good diet do not drink too much only a glass or two of wine at the weekends. I have read a very good book by a doctor Mckendrick The great Cholesterol Con well worth a read. I know a lot of my friends take statins and are fine on them, but for me they are not good do not like the way they make me feel. One good thing if you like it is Flax seed over cereal in the morning great with porridge also the red rice works to, but if you can read the book. Also writes a lot in the Daily Mail now and then.

As long as

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Hi Janet. I have ET and my cholesterol has always been on the high side - with my good cholesterol being high enough to balance out in the ratio. My GP has been fabulous, is resisting statins and has said that he's more interested in the ratio being below 4, which mine is. I'm on Hydroxicarbemide and low dose aspirin and he has suggested keeping the carbs low. I have cut down on fruit sugars - fructose doesn't help our blood stay wooshy!

Nobody has made any links between ET, JAK2, Hydroxycarbemide and cholesterol, but my GP finds it interesting!!!!

Good to be able to get these questions and thoughts out in this forum.



Thanks for all responses. I will check into the red rice. Also will get the suggested book. My ratio is 3.4 but total cholesterol is 290. It is so helpful to me that there is this outlet to get information. Thanks again.


I think it depends a lot on what he breakdown is, but 3.4 doesnt seem high?

I had mine done a few months ago, was 3.1 and my consultant said it was really good. Think that was 2.0 of the good stuff and 1.1 of the bad...i think. So hard sometimes when your balancing loads of figures like hgb/platelets etc...


My good cholesterol is very good and my triglycerides are perfect. Do you do the red rice? I am surprised that my GP did not recommend it. I always try to do the natural route first.


No, i do take high dose vitamin c. That wasnt with the intention of lowering cholesterol but more an anti oxident, but have read that it can help lower so dont know if thats helping or not.

Could just be my cholesterol is good anyway i dont know. I still think 3.4 sounds ok, im sure they aim for 5.0 or lower. Maybe ask your GP to confirm what it should be. Then have it monitored.

A friend of mine has gone onto statins recently but his was around the 8.5 mark. Agree avoid if possible, we have enough to worry about.


Thank you . I think sometimes I just need some reassuring that I am doing the right thing. The doctors give me conflicting recommendations . I venture out and get another opinion and in the end I should stick to those I have been guided to. Have a wonderful day.


In my opinion some GP's throw statins around like smarties. My dad is on them and his cholesterol has always been ok. When I ask him why hes on them he doesnt really know.

Same with blood pressure tablets, hes been on them for 35 years now. Had one test which showed high blood pressure and that was it, no suggestions at changing lifestyle, etc etc...

I had a test a few years ago and showed high, but we monitored it over a few weeks and it became normal. For all i know my dad could have been on them for 35 years and doesnt need them.


I understand. My husband was told many years back to go on Lipitor for high cholesterol and his was 180.

I had one doctor tell me I was drinking to much water and I was limiting my fluids. That was before I knew I had ET.

I am always searching for an answer and have been an advocate for many. I am happy for this site because we can always use another spin on what we are doing. Thanks for responding. Means a lot.


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