Massage anyone?

Massage anyone?

Ok, so Silverstone was good.....I walked 90% of it which was my plan....INR levels keep going up and down and didn't fancy another clot....however with grit and determination I walk (very bloody fast) and managed a decent time of 3h and 5m. So back to my headliner.....I am aching a bit and could do with a massage if anyone know anyone with an hour free ;) lol. Thank you all for your support. You all kept me going. Huge thank you to Paddy and Karen for waiting until I crossed the finish line; I know how Cold you must have been!! Xx

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  • Chelle, you are amazing to have done this, well done, you definitely deserve a massage. Maz x x x

  • Well done you great result ...we are all so proud of you ,,,thank you from we who can't to you who can ...and does ,love twinkly. Xxxxx

  • Hey Michelle. You both did great, I was so excited when I see you and so so proud. I will be waiting for you at a few more if you like. Paddy is walking as though he has "soiled" himself and is also a tad stiff 😀. Until the next one or cake and coffee, whichever comes first. Take care xx

  • Hi Karen I hope Paddy is feeling a bit less stiff this morning!!! He is fantastic and definately deserves lots of cake and coffee!!! Thank you so much xxxxx

  • Gee Chelle you wanna be careful what you wish for as guys could be queuing round the block esp when you post such a bonny pic of that gorgeous medal. I mean nobody would ever notice your bright eyes, pearly whites, lippy lips, super smooth skin and manicured nails. - You look so well. . But that medal is to die for. . You deserve that massage.

    Cheers and very well done JR x

  • Well done Chelle,you should be very proud of yourself!

    Seriously ,I did have a great lady who did oncology massage,she now is in Exeter U K,she really made a big difference to aching muscles,too far away for you I guess.Best wishes ,great pic!

  • Well done!

    Personally I can't think of anything worse which makes your achievement ever more impressive. Fantastic! AND you look the picture of gorgeousness. Better look out or that old Jedi will be hunting you down for his harem...




  • Oi Louise less of the 'old' or I shall have to brandish my light saber. . And how did you know about my harem x

  • Michelle you are amazing and yes you must have walked 'very bloody fast'!!!! And then to look the picture of elegance at the end.!!!! Fabulous photo!!! You and Paddy deserve that massage!!!! Xxxxx

  • Hi Michelle what a fantastic fantastic achievement!!! Nothing was going to stop you!!! And you don't even look as though you just walked and ran 13 miles!!! Beautiful picture. You certainly deserve that massage and lots of pampering!!! Thank you and Paddy so much. XXXX

  • Hello Michelle, very many pats on the back. I, like so many others, think you are the tops. What a wonderful photograph to treasure - let alone the medal.

    Linds x

  • Very impressive, well done, I hope your aches and pains pass by fast.

  • WELL DONE!!!

  • Well done Chelle! Brilliant job. Such a lovely photo too! I hope you get your massage, you definately deserve it! xxx

  • Well done! I know how tough it is to keep going! Hope you get/got your massage!

  • Well done, Chelle! I feel exhausted just thinking about it! I don't think I could/would have done that even in before ET/MF times! You certainly deserve that medal.

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