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Life is swings and rounadabouts!

Hi all

Was feeling bit low as they are undergoing a reorganisation at work and found out my post has been deleted, so facing redundancy on 1st May. Got to find another job. They have said I can apply for any other jobs that may become vacant as a 'redeployee'. My partner has also been pretty unwell with his colitis and I have been worried for him.

However got some really good news when went to hospital, my platelets are now normal and although white cells and red blood cells normal they have lowered a little. Anyway my hydroxy has been reduced and I now only have to take 500mg Monday & Friday and feeling pretty well. Paul is feeling better too!

Isn't life funny. It's definately swings and roundabouts. Something may knock you down but there's always something that comes along to cheer you up. So I am thinking now there's another better job around the corner and a change is as good as a rest.

Liz Cx

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I wish you all the best. Bittersweet. Life gives us lots of trials but we are stronger than we think. If possible a little time in between jobs would be very healing. Physically and mentally. Well wishes and happy valentine's day.



Liz001 , glad you feeling better and you get new job soon things can only get better x


Hi Liz, sorry to hear about your job, good to hear that you are positive about it, and I am sure as you say, there is a better job out there for you, good luck with it all. And also good to hear that your platelets are down. Keep smiling and stay positive. Best wishes, Maz x


Hi Liz , I'm so glad to hear your positivity, yes life can be a roller coaster at times , sounds like you have a good attitude to life , x

Good news with your platelet count I know how that feels to be coming down ,

Wishing you & your husband good Health ,

As my mother used to say , one door closes another opens , so good luck regarding a new job . X Pam


Good for you ! Pick yourself up and start again .im a passionate believer in

Positive thinking ..every new path is another adventure ,, keep twinklin xx

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Thanks for all your good wishes. Feel even better & even more positive now. You are all great! Xx


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